Sunday, December 20, 2009

Getting Started

I took the wife and kids to a Christmas party last night a good friend of mine was having. The girls really did not want to go and the wife really does not like meeting new people. I asked her why and she said "Because I hate being judged". I told her these people are not like that. They are good church going people and everything will be fine. We were met at the door with smiles, welcoming hugs and pats on the back with the normal "How's it going" and the "so good to see you" comments. With the weather and my work schedule, we have been stuck at home for the past month. This was a outing our family needed.

We all had our Sunday best cloths on, smelled good, felt good and I even thought I looked good. We walked in our friend's very nice city home with two Chess pies my wife had made earlier and was greeted with "Hey look, the rednecks are here". My first thought was, "And I shaved for this?" So with the glare from my wife burning a hole through me, I smiled and walked in.

We are a family of five. I am the only male in the house. I wanted boys but God thought it would be funny and gave me all girls. I grew up on a farm in North Texas and married young to my life long sweetheart. Like all newly weds, I promised her the moon and stars. We built a little temporary 400 square foot shack back in the woods on my family's farm and started making our plans for a life of travel and fun.
This blog will share the insight on the memories and adventures of the past, plus give an up to date look on me and my family's life.
Thank you for stopping by.

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