Monday, January 2, 2023

Life Changes

 I miss doing this blog. I miss the lifestyle I lived and shared with everyone while doing it. I miss the good people on here and I miss keeping up with them all. I have met some of the most amazing people through Modern Day Redneck and those memories will last a lifetime.  

    I guess life changed when me and her became empty nesters a few years ago. I created a self sustainable world to protect the family against "IT" with "it" being whatever "it" is.  Loss of job, loss of economy, disability, collapsing government, world implosion, food shortage and so forth.... My job was to make sure "they" were taken care of and could continue taking care of themselves in my absence.  The journey was hard and required constant building, rigorous maintenance, buckets full of sweat, gallons of blood, a flowing river of tears, a soul full of faith and a young man's knees and back to say the least. All of which I joyfully gave and sacrificed. Once the house was empty..... now what? Phase three I guess.

    We are only a short distance away from retirement now, so we go. We go everywhere and do everything we can think of. The freedoms from not having to tend to the gardens and animals are a breath of fresh air. Our whole lives were tied to the farm. Just leaving for a short two day weekend would cause catastrophic failure. Then to find someone to tend to all the needs for even a day was hard if we had to leave. Most of this fell on my girls to help in our seldom absence and with them all gone with lives of their own, there was no-one to help or to do this for anymore. A choice had to be made so we chose freedom.  I understand freedom looks different to everyone. When I was self sustained, this was my freedom. I was free from everything and everyone, but restricted from leaving and travel.  

We chose a new kind of freedom, we chose ourselves. 

    Our new life and adventures take us everywhere. I still sometimes have a little anxiety when I think of "IT" happening and not being as prepared as I was once was, but at least I have the knowledge, tools and strength to start it all again just in case.

    If you are interested in our new adventures, you can keep track of all our doings by following the links below. 

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Thank you all for the support and memories on this Modern Day Redneck blog.

See ya down the road,




  1. Good to hear from you! You all be safe and God bless.

  2. Been following you on Instagram & loving the posts. Hit follow on YT today but don't get there as often but will try to from now on. Best wishes to you both on this new journey. BTW - Stephen is still good.