Monday, May 4, 2015

Another Wall Hanger

Candy and I met up with our oldest daughter Jessie at a little town right outside of Austin for a chili cookoff. Marble Falls is a beautiful little town with a slow rolling, lazy river splitting it into. I could see myself going back one weekend during the hot summer months with a inner tube and a bottle of sunscreen. 

180 chili cooks and about as many BBQ cooks were packed into a small, oak tree filled park. Every blade of grass and every open spot was occupied with either cooks, motor homes, tents or food. This was the 44th annual Howdy Roo Chili and BBQ Cook Off.
If you are a Texas cook, this is the one that is on the bucket list to attend.
I felt privileged to be a part of Chili History and to cook with some of the Chili Legends. 

As long as someone in our group walked, that was all I was wanting. I thought my chili was great and I thought Jessie's chili was even better, but in the end, the Queen beat us both, again. Candy beat out 160 other cooks to get 20th.  I am so proud of the run she is having.
I am now known as Mrs Candy or just her road manager.

We all had a grate time and now we can check another great one off the list.
We are off for the next two weeks and then to the South West open on Durant Oklahoma.

See ya,


  1. MDR,

    Congratulations to Candy!!!!
    The best part of the entire cook off is spending time with the ones you love.
    Enjoy! Have a great week :-)

  2. Is there a difference between competition chili and chili that you would make for home use?

    1. yes jon there is. Home style chili has fresh vegetables and whatever you want. Comp chili uses all powders and is very rich. Judges only take one spoon full so everything has to be in that one bite. It's meat and gravy only.