Monday, November 4, 2013

I say, Let It Flood

Over the past two weeks we have had about four and a half inches of rain.
The yard is flooded, at times the back looks like a lake. The ditches ran full for several hours in the heavy parts of the rains. We can't step off of our little pathways without sinking to our ankles and loosing a shoe.
I love it and I am not complaining one bit. The water tanks are back to the full mark and over flowing. I can start taking showers again in the bathhouse as soon as the sun comes back out. Everything is greening up again and not looking so dead anymore.

This new job is keeping me busy. I don't have the time to post as before. Maybe it will slow down this winter some.

 We didn't have a chili cook off this weekend, but I did spend it cooking anyway. I have been itching to get some meat on the smoker and Sunday the rain held off for me to do just that. I smoked some ribs, Pork Butt and a Brisket.
No, there was no party, I just wanted to get this stuff smoked up and into freezer bags so we can eat on them for the next couple of weeks. Plus I am trying to make room in the freezers for some wild hog. My dad has been trapping several hogs a week and I have not had the room for any. Well, now I do so this Sunday I will be at the hog killing.

Plus, the wife got her a job now so that means I go into cooking and cleaning mode.
We both have the "De-Clutter" bug and we have been moving stuff into boxes and out to the barn. Once the house is the way we want, then we will probably have a big garage sale. 

What else...........
Next Saturday we will cooking chili in Greenville Texas for the Wounded Warrior Project. If anyone is interested in sponsoring our cooking team for this cookoff then you can hit the donate button on the right side of this blog.
This is their first cookoff at this location and I am trying to get as many cooks as possible for this great cause.  

Other than that, life is good.


  1. I love smoked brisket! What do you do with your wild hog meat? My boys shoot them and then give the meat away...I find it pretty gamey tasting.

    1. Most of it is a little too gamey Lynda, but all we do is smoke it and eat it as pulled pork.

  2. like your blog
    love your pics
    we woke up this morning is real good.

    fort worth

    1. Thanks Anony,
      Waking up sure beats the alternative.

  3. Joe was watching the weather channel and he said "That friend of yours in Texas...."


    "The one with those wide cracks in the ground from the drought."


    "Well, the drought is over."

    He's a man of few, but meaningful, words.

    1. This is probably the best thing I've read all day.

    2. LJ, The drought is still here, or should I say the effects of it. We need several feet of rain to catch up, but for the time being I will take whatever I can get.

  4. MDR,

    Congrats on Sweet Wife find a job! I'm cooking a brisket right now, not on the smoker but in a crockpot. I cut one large brisket down into small pieces. I cook the smaller pieces when it's just hubby and myself.

    Good to hear you're getting rain which is desperately needed in TX and OK.

    Thank you for supporting the Wounded Warrior Project.

    1. Thanks Sandy,
      I have cooked them like that before. I add a little beer in with it to give it that extra little flavor.
      Thanks for the comment.