Monday, October 28, 2013

The Best So Far

This weekends Chili Cook Off was the best so far.
We cooked in Whitewright TX for the Firefighters Fundraiser and we cleaned up.

First off I want to say how proud of the wife I am for getting 1st place chili. She almost cried when they called her number. I knew she won the moment I tasted her chili right before turn in.
I won 4th place with mine and was happy about that.
After we turned in our chili, this place has a people's choice award where all the public gets to go around and taste everyones chili. They bring little cups and we fill the cups and then they score how good it was on a card. The wife and I decided to combine our two chilies so we would have enough for everyone. Well, we ended up getting 2nd place In peoples choice.

On top of all that we also won a 75.00 dollar voucher for the wife to get a body wrap, a 75.00 dollar Academy gift card, a 25.00 dollar Walmart gift card and the best of all, A night out on the town in a brand new Cadillac and a 100.00 dollar gift card to a fancy restaurant I can't even pronounce.

Last year all together we won about 1300.00 dollars worth of prizes but nothing on the chili. This year we won about 500.00 worth of prizes and three trophies.
The wife now has 4 points and I have 3. We need 12 to be invited to the world championship.

This kind of weekend is what makes me come back for more. We had a great time, with great friends cooking for a great cause with a great outcome.

That's it for now,


  1. Mrs. and Mr. MDR,

    Congratulations!!!! This year was a great win for the both of you.
    I'm so happy for you two. Enjoy your winnings, I look forward to hearing more about future events.

  2. Woohoo! So happy for you both!

  3. Congratulations! Trophies and prizes are great, but the memories ...those are priceless! : )


  4. Well, congratulations!!!!! It's about time they recognize what good chili was!!!! Lol!!!

  5. That's great news. The good thing is, you guts enjoy doing it. Have a nice dinner ;)

  6. Whoo Hooo!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

  7. I truly think all contests should be a "people's choice". But then some entrants would bring their family and friends and tip the scales. And the fact that when it was people's choice, they chose whose chili they REALLY liked. YAY and Congratulations.

    The fact it was a firefighter's benefit makes me feel extra happy.

    1. Thanks LJ,
      The problem with people's choice is that it all depends on how you "sell" it. I could have served dog crap but if I was a good sales person then I would score high.
      I was selling mine as as close to organic as possible. We were using grass fed beef with peppers grown in our garden. The folks just loved it.

    2. Then I would say you've found your 'hook'. Every great salesman tells the public what they want to hear! Add great chili to your pitch and you've got it! YAY again!