Monday, November 18, 2013

Too Much Chili

This weekend was just plain fun. We cooked chili at the Denton Elks lodge both Saturday and Sunday and we had a blast. It might be the people, it might be the environment and it might be the cooking but in the end I think it's all the above that makes it that way.

Saturday I placed 3rd in beans and 6th in my chili. But all that didn't matter to me one bit because I had something I have not had in a very long time there with me.

All three of my girls came by to spend the day with me. The oldest drove up from college station, the youngest had the day off and the middle one came by to smile for the camera and hug her daddy's neck. It was the best day I have had in a long time.

Sunday I placed 11th and the wife placed 14th in our chili. The oldest girl also cooked with us both days but for some reason she is not placing right now. She will get it, I am sure of that.

We had many friends and family drop by on both days to support us and hang out. I want to say thanks to all that did and you all made it a very special weekend. 

Other than that, back to work.



  1. Good thing I didn't make it so no jinx was in play.Congrats on the positions.I have to learn to check and see what I will be doing before writing the proverbial checks.

    1. We looked for ya, Maybe next time. No worries on the jinx, I think being jinxed might actually help.

  2. Any man who has such beloved and GORGEOUS daughters has already won in life. Chili is just the...uh....beans on top? I'm sure you've met many a potential date on the front porch while cleaning your gun. HAPPY, HAPPY, DAYS!!

    1. No beans in this chili LJ, but a lot of love in the pot.
      Thanks for the comment.