Monday, June 3, 2013

We Finally Found Some

I was getting frustrated all weekend looking at the Giant Bird Hotel (Aviary) I built the wife a couple months ago with nothing in it. A lot of time and materials went into that thing and there it sat, empty.
We put a couple of little hens inside just to keep the grass down plus the rooster was using them way too often and tearing them up so now they have refuge.

The wife and I both have looked all over this part of the country for dove and pigeons and although we found some, they were either way far off or way too expensive. I came to the conclusion I wasted my time and money building this thing when the wife came walking in from the store yesterday evening holding a potato sack and wearing a smile.  

Meet Tammy Wynette and George Jones.
(Laugh all you want, I didn't name them. It was either that or Johnny and June)
They are Fantail Pigeons and are a welcome sight.  

George felt right at home and took his place on the nesting boxes.

Tammy on the other hand decided to hang low strut her stuff.

Even though they are pigeons and they are nothing but overhead, they made me smile when the wife let them loose. Finally, the aviary is being used for it's intended purpose.
We spent all that time looking for them and they were just down the road the whole time. 

All work and no play this weekend folks. Too much playing has put me behind on the Mini Farm. It was non stop doing this and that until I could not do it any longer and headed to the bath house for a much needed shower and shave then off to bed. I took a bunch of pictures of the gardens and will posting them tomorrow.

Until then,


  1. Man, if you know how to catch them, there are at least a hundred that live in my backyard in Houston.

    1. I hear ya Dave, but these are fancy ones, not the normal bridge pigeons.

  2. Cute birds! Tammy and George need to get busy filling it up with babies ☺

    1. Thanks Kelly. The guy we got them from said she was laying so now it's only a waiting game.

  3. i love the new birds! and i love the names! you need more so that you can name them johnny and june, kitty wells and conway twitty. if kitty and conway have a baby - you can name it kitty twitty - bahahahahahahah! oh i kill me sometimes!

    your friend,

    1. Thanks Kymber, I'm not the ones naming them but it seems the names are all going in that direction.