Friday, June 21, 2013

A Full "To Do" List

The weekend "To Do" list started off small and easy earlier in the week. I am not so naive that I thought it would stay that way, but I was hoping.

The Mini Farm is growing again and with that so are the things to do. We have spent a lot of time playing around and all that did was put off the things that needed to done. A procrastinator I am not, but I sure liked not "Having" to do as much. Instead I did what I wanted to do.
We added some new little chickens, a rare breed the wife says, for a new market. They should be laying in a month or so. Plus we added some heavy breed chickens again to keep the market we already had. More little goats are in the pasture and chicks are hatching out everywhere. We also have some turkeys in the incubator and are waiting to see how that turns out.  

People are coming by for tours again and I am happy to have them. The place looks amazing.

The gardens are going better then ever.This picture is of the cucumbers climbing the outside of the garden shade. Last year this alone was more than I needed in pickles, relishes and everything else we could think of. As a matter of fact I just ran out of sweet relish this week from last years harvest.

Tomorrow I go and pick up some meat rabbits. We have always raised and sold show rabbits so this time I want to do something different. They will be going into a Rabbit Tractor and will be pasture raised. I hardly ever see meat rabbits for sell around here so I am hoping to start a small market for them. 

I also found a couple of nice little things on Pinterest I was wanting to build this weekend. At lunch today I stopped by the big box store and picked up a couple of items to help me do just that. I will show the pictures of the finished product when they are done.

Other than that, I have a major amount of maintenance to get done this weekend, wasps to kill and some organizing of a few things that are driving me crazy. 

Enjoy,the weekend


  1. hey! ain't said nothing in a while. glad to see you are keeping busy and making the Mrs. happy! ha ha ha anywho, have a great weekend. your friend, the rat

  2. MDR,

    I hope this new breed of chickens works out for a new market for you. Your place truly does sound amazing, and to have tours, wow.......

    Looking forward to seeing your new upcoming projects found on Pinterest.

    1. Thanks Sandy, This weekend was really busy, just like always.

  3. Howdy,

    You might have to put chicken wire under your rabbit tractor to keep them from burrowing out.

    I used to have a good recipe for apple & rabbit curry.


  4. Glad you stopped by my friend.
    Check out the post I just did. There is wire on the bottom just for that.
    Send me the recipe is you can.