Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Party Planner

That is my title for the next couple of weeks.
The middle girl "Boppy" will be graduating next Friday and just like with the oldest, she gets her own backyard BBQ party on Saturday. So, I am mister party planner until then.

Last Saturday was our last Chili Cook Off for the summer. I am now rebuilding and re-figuring on how we can make it a little easier for next season. I am sure I will come up with something.
The Oklahoma Southwest Championship had 140 cooks and brought in a lot of money for their charity. Like always it would have been easier if I would have just handed them my twenty five dollar entry fee and went home. Neither the wife or myself placed in the top twenty one places. We cooked with six other folks who are in the top ten percent of the country and they didn't place either. It is amazing how a chili can win one weekend and not even place the next.

This is funny right here. Monday morning a buddy of mine calls me up and says he knows where the fish are. Well of course I loaded up the family and went. When we got there he said he needed to shuttle all us out to the island. It took three trips in the boat, but we all made it. I kept looking for an island, but what he dropped us off at is pictured here. A forty feet long, twelve feet wide pile of rocks out in the middle of the lake only six inches above the water level, then he left saying, "See ya later Gilligan." To say stranded was an understatement.
We did catch some fish and had a great time. Thankfully my buddy did come back and give us a ride back to shore. That is what I call trusting a friend.

Other than that, we partied like we were young all weekend long. We also got about three inches of rain to boot. The rain water tanks are full once more.



  1. MDR,

    A big congratulations to Boppy on her graduation. I love the idea of having a large BBQ instead of going to a restaurant. You've got a lot of planning to do my friend.

    I'm so sorry to hear about the cook off in Oklahoma. Something doesn't sound right to me, sounds like the OK chili cook off group weren't playing nice. Someone should have placed from your group.

    I would be a little nervous being dropped off on a little grouping of rocks and left to fish. Worried about the water rising or having problems and no place to go without a boat.
    At least you were able to catch yourself some fish.

    1. Thanks Sandy.
      As far as the cook off, we just got spanked is all. There is no resentment there.
      As long as the fish were biting everything was ok.