Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Two More To Go

Two more Chili Cook Offs to go then we will take the summer off.
I just can't see standing out in 110 degree heat cooking chili. I guess I am not a die hard like some of the others.

Last weekend we had a great time at the Mother's Day fest cook off. Thanks to everyone that came out to show their support and to cook with us.
The end result was not what I wanted, but it seldom is. On my team was the wife, me, the oldest girl and her boyfriend....lets call him..."Slinky". LOL
The weather was great and the environment was spot on. In the end, the wife kicked our butts by placing eighth and that is saying something with the competition that was there. I thought I had a chance, but after seeing all who showed up to cook I quickly knew I didn't. Four world champions and seven of the top ten chili cooks in the nation all came out to this little cook off.
I know where I messed up, I panicked. I tasted my chili a little bit before turn in and started adding stuff to boost it. I thought it was flat and kept pouring the spice in until I thought it was good. I ended up getting last place and here's why. I didn't take in to consideration I still had a head cold. I was stopped up and couldn't taste or smell anything. In the end I almost doubled the spice and peppers just so I could taste it and to the normal taste buds, it was crap. Ha, lesson learned.      

This weekend we will be cooking in Denton on the square. The huge car show in the same area is impressive. I don't think I have been to a bigger one. The same competition will be there as before but this time I am bringing my "A" game with a clear head.

Next weekend is our last cook off for the summer. It will be in Durant at the KOA next to the casino. I hope to see all my Oklahoma friends at that one.

 See ya in the funny pages,


  1. Durant is almost a 3 hour drive from here. I loathe road trips and I'm a homebody....but I might have to make an exception to come taste your chili ☺

    1. Well then come on. If you get there around 1:00 the chili will be done. I can even set you up as a judge if you get there around 11:00
      I hope you make it.

  2. Sure wish I could make it. Sounds like a bunch o' fun to me.

    1. PS.....I hate word verification. (just sayin')