Friday, May 10, 2013

Chili, Chores and Children

I didn't know how much catch up work there would be after coming back from vacation.
After nine days of no maintenance and not doing the everyday "little" things around the Mini Farm, all those "little" things have built up. Almost every night this week I scramble home from work, change my shoes and get back to work till after dark. On top of everything else, the weeds in the gardens are relentless. Plus, on top of all that I ended up catching a head cold and all I really want to do is go to bed., but through my watering eyes, running nose, sneezing fits and hacking up a lung, I press on.

Last night I finally caught back up with the work and had some time to play in my shop. I missed the old girl and she missed me too. Just in one week a thin layer of dust settled and a few spider webs formed on my work benches and tools. I can't ever remember a time when any tool of mine had dust on it from lack of work. It's time to get busy.
Sunday after we do the Mother's day thing I plan to summer-ize. That means loading everything up that has to do with solar heating and winter and store it in the barn. I have already de-junked about three loads of stuff collected over the winter by loading up my friends trucks while they weren't looking so I am almost happy with the way things look out back.  

The oldest girl made it through another year of college. She will be a Junior in August, time is flying by. I am happy to have her home for the summer. The middle girl graduates high school this month and the youngest will be a senior.
Though I would not change much, I would do it all again in a heart beat. I miss their youth so much. If I could afford it I would adopt more children just to have all that again.

It is going to busy the next three weekends. Chili cook offs are all over. Tomorrow we will be in Collinsville TX for a big Mother's Day fest. The oldest girl, her boyfriend and the wife will be on my cooking team for that one.
After that we will be cooking in Denton TX for a huge festival on the Square and then off to the Southwest Chili cook off in Southern Oklahoma, that's a big one.
It is already getting too hot for me to cook chili and these three back to back to back will be the last until the end of September. If you are close, come by and cook with us or just drop by and say hey. Email me and I will give you directions, I hope to see ya there.

That's all I got for now. I hope everyone has a great Mother's day weekend and I will see ya on the flip side. 


  1. growing up my dad had his chili team Bad Ass Chili and we used to travel all over going to cookoffs. We always went to the chilympiad and I have great memories. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Megan,
      We are still in the first year of cooking chili competitively. We have qualified for Nationals in show, but still are tweaking our recipes on the chili and gathering points.
      So far it has been really fun and don't see stopping anytime soon.

  2. MDR,

    I'm sorry to hear you're feeling under the weather. This time of year it's common for allergies. Feel better soon.

    Congratulations to your middle daughter graduating this year, and your other daughters for continuing their education.

    Chili cook off, oh my it's going to be hot. You will be in Southern Oklahoma for a big cook off, will that be in Durant?

    1. Thanks Sandy, I'm happy to say I am on the rebound this week. I hope to get over it completely soon.

      Yes Durant at the KOA next to the Casino. There should be about 150 cooks or more. Hope to see y'all there.