Monday, January 7, 2013


Let me just say it was a full and productive weekend.

Saturday I made it down to the farm to start the demo on the old house I build years ago. It has so much sentimental value the only way to tear it down is to put those thoughts out of my head while in the process.  If not I will spend all my time sitting and reminiscing.
It is amazing how I can hardly remember yesterday, but while walking through the old place every square inch brings back a memory. I know it's just a structure that is rotten and unlivable now, but there was a time that old house held so much love and commitment. It's where my kids were brought home from the hospital, learned to walk, talk and latter learned to run and play. It was where a young married couple started a lifetime.
If you can't understand the emotional stronghold I have on this place then I'm sorry. It breaks my heart to do what needs to be done and I am sure I will shed a tear once it's done.

Saying all that, we were able to get all the siding off, electrical out, cabinets, sinks and windows this weekend. Next weekend we will start on the roof and work our way down. It will take a while and I can't start on the girls condo until I get this all the way done.
Next week I will take some pictures of the old place.
Early Sunday morning found me over at my Dad's for a good old fashioned chicken killing. He had a bunch of birds we needed to process and the cold temperatures made it perfect weather to do it in.

 Once we got started we had a great system turning out a finished bird about every minute or so.

The guy on the left was the hatchet man, I (middle) was in charge of the chicken plucker and dad (on the right) was the cleaner. My oldest daughter was also there catching the roosters and bringing them to us.   
 The end result is was four full coolers of naked birds ready for the fryer.

These birds stayed in the salt water overnight, then washed and put in freezer bags.

It only took two hours from set up to clean up to do all those chickens. At that pace you could almost make a living at it, but who would want to.

After that, the rest of the day was getting ready for the week and the storms coming in. They say we will get 3 to 6 inches of rain and we need it. The last rain was soaked in and it did nothing for the lake levels. I hope this time it will give us some runoff. Plus my rain water tanks need to be topped off.

One more thing before I go,
I want to welcome three new readers.
amymorgan1970, doo and Garland Girl 
I can't thank y'all enough for hitting the follow button and becoming the newest family members of Modern Day Redneck. If you need anything you can leave me a comment or shoot me a email.
Thank you and again, welcome.

I got some more stuff to share but I didn't want a long brawn out post so stay tuned.


  1. Never easy letting go of the past, but, as you say, t'is all for a very good cause :)

    Did you keep the chicken feathers for your girls pillows...? :)

    1. Dani, Thanks for the comment,
      No I didn't keep them. I don't know if I could get that wet chicken smell out of them where you could stand to sleep on them.
      I have never harvested the feathers nor have I really thought about it. I should at least try it I guess.

  2. When we visited my parents back in Ohio, I had to walk over to the house that we lived in. It was my Grandparents house and there was lots of memories there. Not just mine. My nephew, with his girlfriend and her son and their new baby live there. It is filling up with more memories. He gutted the place and it broke my heart a bit. I walked thru the yard and shed some tears. Our dog Charlotte is there. So I feel your pain and joy at the memories. We are very blessed.

    We are new to Texas. I can't say that I have many memories here yet. But time will tell.

    My Rooster grew up on a farm and is very familar with processing chickens and almost any other meat. He enjoyed hunting and fishing when we lived in Ohio.

    God Bless and have a wonderful day.

    1. Thanks for the comment Amy.
      I think what I fear most is forgetting those memories and that house and land magically bring things back to mind I have not thought of in years, good and bad. Without that place, then I am afraid I will looses them.

      Welcome to Texas. I have been here my whole life so if you need anything just email me. What part of Texas are you in?

      I don't know anything about Ohio but if he loves hunting and fishing then he came to the right state.

      Good to hear from you.

  3. Are you using parts of the old house in your new construction? It would be neat to recycle the old into the new, that way you don't lose the memories, you're building around them.

    Nice work on the chickens. I've got a bunch of ducks to do today...wish I had your efficiency with them!

    1. Thanks for the comment Queen,
      Yes, that is the main reason I am taking the old house down, to recycle the materials to lessen the cost.
      I built the house using recycled lumber from my grandmothers old house we had to take down. So this will be the third house that old wood has built.

      Good luck on the ducks. It has taken us years to get that efficiency. Still though, every time we do it there is something a little different. Plus it helps when you have three or four people doing the job.

  4. I felt the same way about our house when we moved. Now our old house is nothing but an old shell. No body lives in it and it is going down hill fast. If only it were closer to our new house......
    We plan on getting us a chicken plucker. Or at least, building us one.

    1. SFG, thanks for the comment.
      I think it would be tougher if I was to just watch the house rot into the ground. This way it lives on.

      I tell you this about that chicken plucker. We made ours and once we used it we were hooked. There is no way we will never go back to the old way. Just 10 seconds and the bird is naked including the pin feathers. Even without electricity I will find a way to make it pedal powered or something.

  5. Wow!!! You guys are fast!!!! We quit plucking and started skinning our birds. One day we will have to build a plucker!!!
    It's great you are recycling the wood again!!!!

    1. Thanks Kelly,
      There ain't nothing like the chicken plucker that is for sure. I think the total cost was about $300 and that was mainly for the motor and barrings.

  6. Happy New Year!!!

    Looks like you have plenty of chicken to stock the freezer :-)

    1. Thanks Sandy, Yup and two are going into the roaster today.

  7. Congratulations on all the chickens!

    Oh, I do know what you mean about memories. I only have a few of our farmhouse - hubby grew up in it!
    And what numerous renters and squatters did to it, well, it hurts.

    At least you can console yourself with the fact that it will go on in a different form and make new memories. *hugs* ♥

  8. It will be much easier to see your old home incorporated into your new home than to watch it fall to pieces. Taking it down is the hard part - think of it as being in labour and preparing for its rebirth. Yeah, I thought that would make your eyes water !!! Love is in its construction, demolition and re construction. What a lucky addition it will be to your home.

    1. Thanks for the great comment Anony and I do agree.

  9. I know you are afraid those memories will fade but remember they are the first and foundation memories of a lifetime with the wonderful women of your life. When you reuse the items you salvage they will create new memories for you and those you love.

    I am the worlds worst at letting things go that no longer work. I hold onto them like the item is the memory but it is not. It is the reminder of the memory I still have. I encourage you to right down these memories as you process the house that represents your old life and turn it into something new. Then you can share those precious memories with those you love most. I am sure the girls would love to hear about their first home. - Genevieve

    1. Thanks for the great comment G,
      That is a good idea. I could make a sort of a book on them for the kids to read later on.

  10. I know I'm late posting this, but thank you so much for the warm welcome!