Monday, January 21, 2013

Back Online

In the throws of all my piddling this weekend I took the time to rebuild the solar pump box and get it back online .

This box is the life line of the rain water harvest system. It is powered by 12 volt batteries that are recharged by the sun. Those batteries power a on demand 45 psi pump.
The rain water is pumped into the solar bath house and through the sprinkler system in the gardens. Plus it is used to water the animals.
With something so important you would think I would have taken better care of it.
First, a dog tore up the solar panel and second I did not drain the pump and it froze and busted the housing.

Being negligent in my work has cost me.  I can't point to anyone else but me on this one.

 The good thing is the pump housing only cost $17 compared to a complete new unit at $100 so I lucked out on that one.
This picture is in the side of the box that holds the pump.
In the top right corner is the busted piece I had to replace.  
   I did have to buy a new 7 watt solar panel and it works great.
While I was taking the old one to the trash I decided to try and fix it. I guess I am hard headed enough not to except that it was trash.With some good old Southern engineering I fixed the panel and hooked it back up. Now I have 13 watts total recharging the batteries.   

A quick update on the Bio Sand Filter,
I have it up and running. It produced 25 gallons yesterday for the green house. I don't want to drink it just yet,at least not until I get the water tested.

I know it ain't much but that's all I got for now.


  1. I need to do the same thing with my pump. Its sitting out in the open and has frozen up several time now. I've been lucky though because the housing is still in tact and it still works. For now at least I've started pumping it dry when I know a freeze is coming.

    1. In all my wisdom tffnguy, the first time I plumed it in I did not put in a way to drain it. I thought I would do like you said and pump it dry but didn't do it. Now I can valve it off and drain the pump at any threat of a freeze.
      Hind sight is 20/20

  2. We do, it gets undone, so we re-do. Such is life. Enjoyed the post about the real-world of repairs!


  3. Love the idea of a solar water pump. I've often thought we needed one for our well.