Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's The Little Things

I was leaning on the tailgate of a guys truck at work last week and spotted a little fan laying in the bed.
First off I need to tell you I am known for looking in the back of peoples trucks and if I see something back there more than twice I ask what they intend to do with it. Most of the time they just give me whatever I am asking about because they all know I will continue to ask until I get it anyway. The way I figure is if they wanted it bad enough then they would not let it sit back there and get ruined when I can put it to better use.
 So I pick this little fan up and water poured out of it. I ask the guy what he was going to do with it while the water was running out. He said it was ruined and to take it.

I have been looking for a little battery powered fan for a while now for the Solar Beer Can Heater. The fan I have now will not push enough air though the heater to get the air flow I need to increase the efficiency.
I took the battery part off the fan and wired it direct to two 3.5watt solar panes and Wow! it works great.
The plan is to build a filtered box for the fan inside the shop, kinda like a return air for a house. That way the air in the shop will exchange and heat the space at a more rapid rate instead of constantly pulling cold air from the outside and trying to heat it.     
It sounds good in theory at least.

Oh, one last thing before I go. It is always nice to come home and find a package sitting on the counter from a fellow blogger. Kelly over at Kelly's Happy Hollow Farm is alright in my book. If you get a chance please go and check her out. It's the little things that make you say, "Well I'll be"
Thanks Kelly.

That's all I got for now.
Have a good day.


  1. Have you seen the wonderful fans that sit on top of your wood stove and have thermo-electric cells powering the fan? We got one about two years ago and it has made a massive difference in how our stove heats the house. No more cold spots!

  2. Yes Barb I have seen them and have heard they work great. We heat our house from the fireplace and have a little fan pushing the hot air down the hall and into the rooms. Our wood stove is not set up yet and when it is, it will be outside in the outdoor kitchen. I just don't trust it in the house.
    Thanks for the comment.

  3. Usually something floating around in the back of a truck is not overly-valued by the person because it is easy to steal.

    1. Very true Duke, I always ask first and most of the time they say they need whatever it is and a month or so later the thing is still back there but now ruined. Just like trying to buy an old truck out in someones pasture, most will never sell it because their daddy bought it new back in 53 but they will let it rot and rust down.
      I just don't understand it.

  4. The amount of good stuff people waste baffles me. I do love being on the recieving end of their useful trash though. - Genevieve

  5. Wow. Great idea. Congratulations on your 'find'! :o)