Monday, January 28, 2013

Just Real Quick

I never would have dreamed the time this new adventure of going back to college would take. The school said I only needed to spend about 5 to 8 hours a week per class, but I am finding it takes me a lot longer. Take this last week for instance, total I had to read about 50 chapters and take notes and write two 300 word essays. In the end I had 6 pages of notes and Sunday morning when I took this weeks test, none of the questions were on the notes I took. Plus they only allow you one minute per question, so you have to know it or know right where to go to get it.
Anyway, I'm not complaining, I'm just saying it's taking a lot more time than originally thought. I am making good grades though!

I didn't have time to get any pictures, but I did want to tell you the greenhouse is alive. Everything is sprouted and the spinach bed is already being harvested. I have switched over to 100% rainwater now and that has really made a huge difference. Before it was a mixture of rain water and well water just to lessen the burden on both the well and the stored water.
It has been a week running everything like the Bathhouse, Animals and Gardens strictly on the rain water and by using this weeks calculations I need it to rain every 10 weeks. If not I will have to replenish with some well water or increase the storage capacity.
I will try and get some greenhouse pictures and post them this week.

Before I go I want to say a Welcome to a couple of new Modern Day Redneck family members.
Cheryl Collins and Jason & Michelle    
Thank y'all for coming over and hitting the follow button. I am down to posting only a couple times a week due to time restraints but hope to pick that up soon. If you need anything my email is on the right side of the blog.
Again, thank you and welcome to MDR 



  1. MDR,

    From my experience (extensive and lasting years), I would plan for 3 hours of homework/study for every 1 hour of class time.

    Another tip I would advise is to make a list of questions before you read each chapter - often the book will have a list- then make sure you can answer those questions after reading that chapter.

    Hope these tips help, they are battle tested. Started college in 1886, finally completed Bachelor's in 2002.

    1. Thanks for the tips Bob. They are much needed.
      Congrats on completing your Bachelor's.

  2. Urg. Blogger ate my reply. >:(
    Congratulations on school work!
    I want to increase our rain holding capacity, but there is no money for that right now.
    Glad to hear it has worked out for you!

    1. Thanks LindaG,
      I would like to have around 10,000 on hand at any time, Right now I can hold about 3200.
      Those big tanks are expensive.

  3. Stick with the schoolwork. This last time it took me a little longer as well, but I also came in top of the class, stayed for all of class, made it on time or early and passed my boards the first time.
    My 21 year old counterparts, slept thru class, didn't read ahead, flunked out and those that did make it didn't pass the first time.
    At 50 yrs old, I was the oldest and the only one to pass the boards on the first round. Age has its advantages.