Sunday, November 29, 2015

Long Weekend

I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving.

This was a long and rainy weekend. We broke the all time record on the wettest year here in North Texas. With over ten inches in the past four days, it would be an understatement to say most outdoor activities was a challenge.

We did however get some work done.

Wednesday afternoon right before the rains hit, my dad, my the oldest girl Jessie and myself were able to get the tin installed underneath the front porch. Now we can at least stand outside in the rain and not get wet. I still have to trim around the posts, but that can
wait for another day. 

I finally got the sink installed and functional in the kitchen. The one thing Candy asked for this winter was to be able to do the dishes in the house, off the front porch and out of the cold. I figured I could at least do that for her. Plus, frozen water on dishes just don't do well.

And we also got the carpet in the bedroom loft installed. All I have left as far as the house is the trim and floors in the kitchen/living section. Then it will be time to start on the outdoor Kitchen/Eating area.

It's Sunday and all is quiet now. All the family has left and the Thanksgiving left overs are all gone.
Tomorrow it's back to the grind and everything will be back to the normal day to day activities of life. It's kinda sad in a way but I guess it's the way it has to be.

We will see what I can get done this week.
Have a safe one.



  1. Jerry,
    Great week and weekend time with my sister from TX. We took time off from working at our parents estate to enjoy so well deserved rest and relaxation time with good home cooked food for Thanksgivings. It's Sunday, and like you my sister went home and leftovers were put away. Temperatures have been pretty cold here with ice and sitting water. Stay warm, and don't work to hard!!

  2. I like the kitchen countertop. Glad you and your daughter got the tin up. Hope you have a good week.

  3. It has to be nice making progress, and I'm sure your wife will really appreciate not having to do the dishes out of doors That's fine if it's warm, but when the cold hits it can be miserable. Keep dry. We're just trying to keep warm here as it has been near 0 every morning with highs of 15 - 20.