Friday, November 20, 2015


I was able to get back to work on the tiny house this week and I can tell you one thing, I was right.

I told Candy we should not move into the house until it was complete because if we did, it would never get done. Being in the camper gave me an incentive to get the house done as quick as I could, but being completely sick of the cold camper living we decided to move into the unfinished house.

All summer I have had to look at an incomplete living and kitchen area. When you walked in the front door the first thing you notice is the insulation hanging from the ceiling, no kitchen cabinets, no trim and unfinished floors.
To top it all off, after living in it for several months we have accumulated more and more stuff making it hard to work around unless I remove everything.

For example, someone was throwing away a perfectly good wine rack.
This thing is huge and we have no place for it, but we got it. You have to walk around it when you come in the door.
Now Candy has plenty of space to store her wine with room to spare.
I have plans for it down the road by putting in our spa area, but for the time being it's huge and in the way.

Working around wine rack, recliners, refrigerator, TV and a pantry I was still able to get the tin ceiling on this week in the living/kitchen area without loosing too much of my religion. 
The rain made it where I had a couple of short days at work leaving me a little time to get this done. So with help from my dad, we gotter done. Now all that is left is the trim.

I bought enough tin to do the underside of the front porch so we can sit out in the rain and not get wet and I plan on doing that this weekend. I also plan to pick up the kitchen sink base today and get all that started.
I am still undecided on if I want to make the counter tops myself or just buy them and cut to fit so I will check prices while I am at the big box store today.
I have a stove/oven picked out, but I need to make a special cabinet for that to sit on because it's a tiny one.

Other than that, I got suckered into cooking chili Saturday morning in Dallas, then it's off to my brothers to plan the Thanksgiving menu. I think we are going nontraditional this year and doing a Fajita Bar with all the fixens instead of the same old turkey dinner we do every year. Sounds fun.

I will post pictures of the progress.



  1. I'm currently working on remodeling house number two while living in it. I understand. For me, working around all the objects is the easy part. Dealing with all the dust from ongoing construction is the hard part.

    Nice wine rack! I wonder if you would be able to use a skilsaw and cut it into half or perhaps a fourth. I've done that a few times with pieces of furniture before that don't fit into the space allotted. Sometimes I have to add some extra glue and screws along with some paint but for the most part, nobody would ever notice when I'm done.

    1. Thanks Ed,
      The plans for the wine rack is to sink into the wall in the spa area. It came with optional doors and I will make two out of the four areas where we can hang wine glasses in. That way when we are in the sauna or hot tub we can have a glass of wine.

  2. you have been super busy and making great progress - a HUGE congrats to you as we are still living with "work-arounds" in this tiny crap-*ss cottage! but your place is really starting to come together! as for the wine rack...i think it's too much of a problem for you. you should send it to me - bahhahahaah! i love it! it's gorgeous!

    sending much love to the MDR crew! your friend,

    1. Thanks Kymber and it's good to hear from you.
      Candy has big plans for the wine rack. She wants to be able to have a glass of wine while she gets a massage in her spa area.
      It may be a year from now when everything is complete but we are already planning for it.