Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sleeping Arrangements

This last weekend was a huge push to get the bedroom completed.

I think we are just tired of the cramped space in our camper bedroom where as soon as you get out of bed, you are touching a wall and the ducking and dodging of getting through to the bathroom.

Jessie took the weekend off from college life to come up and help out, she is such a great hand.
Other family members also showed up to lend a hand and help out with the floor, insulation and ceiling. 

Around midnight Saturday we were done with everything except the trim. Candy decided she would help out by sitting there, supervising and pointing.

New mattress, new bedding and new pillows, we spent our first night in the new house last night.


It's almost hard to believe this was my mower shed.

That empty corner there is now filled with Candy's vanity and makeup stuff because the bathroom was built for me. She has a whole corner of a room to get ready and I have a sink and a little mirror. 

The two lofts will be for storage in case you were wondering and right there on the face of the loft will be where my TV is mounted.

Yesterday I finished the upstairs electric and this week we plan to finish the insulation up there plus get the walls on. Next week the tin on the ceiling and then the carpet. 

See ya then,


  1. MDR - i can't believe all of the work that you guys are doing and making a fantabulous-awesome new house! the floors in the bedroom are gorgeous and so is all of the new bedding! you guys must be feeling pretty accomplished! (oh and i love the barn-style doors for the closets in the hallway - might be stealing that idea when we do our additions!). kudos to you!!!

    your friend,

  2. Looking good!!!!! I bet sleeping in that bedroom must have felt like you were in a giant hotel room.

  3. Nice job! It looks great, and must be such a blessing to be back in a space where you can actually stretch those sore muscles after all that hard work. Awesome...

  4. I bet it felt good to have space. I love how it's coming together.

  5. congrats on your progress. It is a beautiful home you're building. I wish you many happy years there.

    1. Thanks Rat, I don't think it will be our death home but close.