Thursday, March 5, 2015

Old Man Winter

He came in late this year. So with nothing to do here in Texas, we went off for the weekend.

 Last weekend was my birthday, I turned 43. My company sent me to Las Vegas to celebrate in style.
This was our first time to visit Vegas and believe it or not, our first time to fly. So much to see, so much to do.
We spent four days doing things I have never thought we would do. I would not have chosen to go there myself because I don't like gambling, people or crowds, but I had to step outside of my box and just enjoy being around and doing things I have only seen on TV. How could I say no, it was a free trip, kinda. The flight and hotel was free.

They should be ashamed of themselves for price gouging the way they do. The hotel where we stayed, The Palazzo, a drink cost $12 bucks, but two miles down the street I found the same drink for $1.99 and there is no way you can eat cheap unless you get off the strip, then you have to pay for a cab ride.

The weather was great, upper 60's, and as I write this we are snowed in here in North Texas so I do miss that.

All and all I enjoyed the trip. We went to a lot of places and did a lot of things in such a short amount of time. Now I know what to expect the next time we go. I can't tell you everything we did because you know what they say, "What happens there, stays there." but I seen things I shouldn't have. LOL

No updates on the house, the weather has been too bad and cold to work on it and we don't cook chili again until the 14th. Maybe, just maybe we can get something done this weekend.

Until then, Viva Las Vegas


  1. Jerry,

    Happy Belated Birthday!!!! What a nice surprise from your employer to send you to Vegas, and pickup the tab for the hotel and flight.
    Did you have an opportunity to get to see a show there?

    1. Thanks Sandy,
      No we didn't see any of the paid shows. We saw all the free ones and just walked around and looked at everything. If, we go back I plan to see a couple.

  2. Happy Birthday you old fart! 43, your still a spring chicken! Glad you had fun, and I agree it's not a place I need to visit again. You can definitely have fun, but to watch the degenerates was too much for me. There is such poverty on the streets and I'd rather not have cards passed to me with the unclothed girls they are trying to sell. That was a disappointment to me. Just too many vices.

    I did get to see a Circ de Sol show and that was awesome, and I'm glad I didn't have to buy the ticket cause I work too hard for my money to give them that much money. ($170 for the nosebleeds).

    Stay warm...

    1. Thanks Izzy,
      It will be hard to refuse if they send me again. I would rather go somewhere else but I can't turn it down.
      If we were to give a dollar to every homeless person on the street we could easily go through $100 a day.
      It was strange to see those people hand out cards for the hired girls. I have never seen anything like it. Those cards were everywhere.
      That is why we don't gamble, we work too hard for it just to feed a machine. I did put some on black at the wheel though.