Monday, February 9, 2015

Play and Work

I guess that's how my weekends go, one day for play and another for work.

Saturday we cooked chili down in Irving.
61 cooks showed up and 7 of those were the raining word champion and the other six were ex champs. Among the other folks there, Mexico and the Intercontinental champions, Texas Lady's State Champion, Texas Men's State Champion and eight out of the top ten current world ranked chili cooks were there. 
So to say the deck was stacked is an understatement.

Long story short, Candy won 2nd place out of all those heavy hitters. I am so proud of her.
Sunday was nothing but working on the house. We decided to do the bathroom first and move out from there.
This weekend I tiled the floor and got started on the walls and ceiling. I really like this look and I will show some more as we get more done.
This week we will be finishing the walls and getting the tub, sink and toilet in place. 

That's it for now,