Monday, February 2, 2015

A Little Bit Of Both

We finally got a little work done on the House, but first.....

Two weekends ago we went to College Station and cooked some Texas Red Chili with Jessie.
Our best friends and their daughter came with us and we had a great time. Neither me, Candy or Jessie placed in CASI chili, but I did win 2nd in Harley Davidson Show and Candy won 2nd in Peoples Choice Chili. It's a great cook off and we plan to go every year.

One day I will own one, maybe

Being I have been neglecting my first priority, the house, I worked on it every night after work and really made some progress this weekend.
I finished the plumbing throughout the whole house and pressurized all the lines to check for leaks. Then I installed the Hardi Backer for the floor in the Bathroom and got everything ready for the tile. After that I insulated the Bathroom Back Wall by putting two layers of R30 sheeting behind the pipes and R13 bats in front.

Candy went and bought the toilet, the bathroom sink, tub and sink fixtures, the tile and the wine barrel for the sink to sit on. This pic shows the tile color and what the sink will kinda look like on top of the barrel. The sink faucet will be one of those open flow types that is polished bronze. I think it looks like an old timey hand water pump.  
The walls will be box planks we plan to pick up this week and start on.

As you can tell, we are working on the bathroom first, then the hallway and closet, then to the bedroom and finally the kitchen.

This week and weekend plans are to terminate the electrical through the whole house, tile the bathroom floor, pick up the bath tub, plumb in the drains for the tub, sink, toilet and washer. Then if I have any time left, I plan to start the box planks on the walls.

All that and we will also be cooking chili this weekend in Irving at a big cook off.  We missed this one last year because we went to Rankin to cook, but this time we are staying close to home.

It's not much, but it's at least something.

See ya,


  1. That is going to be one cool sink. Can't wait to see it finished. Good job on the progress.

  2. Jerry,

    It's a bunch my friend!!! You've been busting butt, every now and then you need a good break. Cooking Chili is your way of having good old fashion fun. I love your idea with using the barrel for holding your sink. Will you be cutting a door in the front and building a little storage in the barrel?
    Good luck with the Chili contest in Irving!!!!

    1. Thanks Sandy, no the door will be in the back so you don't see it.
      Thanks for the good luck, I need it

  3. Nice idea on the sink. I would never in a million years put that together, it'll look really cool, and I can hardly wait to see the final product.

    Congrats on the cook off awards.

    1. I can't take credit for it Izzy, it's all the wife's ideas.

  4. You may have a tiny house but I'm guessing compared to a bigger house, you have a lot more fixtures to plumb and wire per square foot!

    1. Ed, when I built our first house I did it on the cheap by putting in what was only necessary. Your right on this one here, we doubled our plugs and switches and put them in piratical locations. There will be no more pulling the couch out to get to the plug or getting out of bed to turn the lights off.

  5. I think your making great progress on your little house! Love the sink!!! I can't wait to see the finished product. But, I bet you can't either. lol.