Monday, August 18, 2014

Tiny House Progress

Next weekend we will be moving our trailer to the place where we are building our Tiny House.

First we had to get electricity, got that. Then we had to run the water, got that done Friday night. Then
we had to install a septic system, done Saturday and Sunday.

It looked like a war zone for most of the week, but all the ditches are now back filled, cleaned up and smoothed out.  Close to 300 feet of waterline, and 200 feet of sewer line with septic tanks were installed. We also put in a load a base for a little driveway and a pad for the camper to sit on. Plus I wired in the 30AMP plug for the camper to finish it off.
Next Saturday we will be moving the camper up here and hooking it up for the duration and get out of that RV Park.

 All that extra dirt we had from the ditches, we started making the pad for the Tiny House to sit on. Hopefully in September we will be able to move the buildings over here and get started on the build.
This is already running way over budget. I am 3,000 into a 10,000 dollar budget and we don't even have a house yet.

Much thanks to my dad for helping me out on this with his time and equipment. If it wasn't for him we would still be three weeks out.

That's all I got for now,


  1. It always comes down to 2 things, time and money... It never fails to cut into the budget when getting started,and there is never enough time!
    At least you will be out of the RV park. I couldn't handle that at all. Good luck next weekend,and thank God for family and friends!

    1. The two pleasures I have the least of zztop, Time and Money.
      The Park has been hard but it does have it's benefits.
      Thanks for the comment.

  2. I didn't understand the meaning of capitalized Tiny House until I watched a documentary about the Tiny House movement this weekend. Now I suddenly understand what kind of house you are referring too. Most of those people were building their Tiny Houses on trailers though to get past minimum size zoning ordinances. I'm guessing being from Texas, you don't have that problem and are going with a fixed Tiny House.

    I definitely like the concept and perhaps at some point in my life, I would be able to do something like that but at this stage with two young girls, a wife and a mother-in-law all living under the same roof, bigger is definitely better for my sanity.

    I can't wait to see your progress.

    1. Thanks for the comment Ed,
      I don't understand the House on wheels myself. They spend up to 30 grand on one when you can buy a camper and live in it for much less.
      It all depends where you live here. If you live in the city limits then you are restricted on fixed size. Outside of that and in the county you are not. You can live in a dog house if you wanted to.

      You know, just five years ago I was in the same situation you are in. Mother-in-law, three kids and a wife was in my house. I sure didn't ever see me doing this. I didn't know there was even a movement around the country to build your own tiny house. I just wanted to get away from the high bills and start on my retirement savings. Now I see everyone else doing it and there are even shows about it.
      Bigger is better in most cases until it's just you and the wife left heating and cooling a big empty house.

  3. So glad for your progress. Hang in there, even if it does take a little longer. I thought about you all stuck in the RV Park during this weekend's stormy weather. Glad you were out of there and got things done. Julia

    1. Thanks Julia
      It stormed where the camper is at, but 15 miles North where we were working it didn't hardly rain at all.
      Sunday morning was the worst. We are staying all the way down at HWY380 & FM1385 and the thunder and wind was rocking that camper.

  4. Wow I was gone for a little over a year and you have changed everything. I can't wait to see what tiny house looks like in the end!

    1. A lot has changed this past year coley. Good to hear from you. I will keep you updated.

  5. MDR,

    Congrats on starting the second chapter of your life with your sweet wife and your tiny house. It will be much quieter there, and you'll have your privacy away from the trailer park. In time, you'll be exactly where you wanted to be with your tiny home. Money does go very fast when you're building a place.

    Were in our preliminary planning stages of doing the same thing with a tiny house, and a heavy duty and garage. Still just the mean time we continue to hit our debt hard to pay it off.

    I can't wait to see you start your foundation and walls.

    1. Thanks Sandy,
      We plan to start the build in October. Hopefully by then we can recoop some funds.

  6. I loved the ditch....although I am in VA now I used to live way north..our water lines had to be dug in 6' in low traffic areas and 8' deep under work areas [driveways, cow trails etc]. I just found your blog and am enjoying.

    1. Thanks Fiona. That is the good thing here in North Texas, the frost line is only about 8".
      If you insulate the water line and keep your bathtub dripping then you really don't even have to bury it.

      I am glad you found us. If you have any questions just let me know.