Monday, August 4, 2014

It Was A Long Way

We drove 5.5 hours to cook chili, now that is dedication.

Out of the 36 cooks, 20 or so were form the Great State of Texas, and Texas took home the first place trophy again this year. Among the 36 were 5 world champions and almost all of the top ten ranked cooks in the world. So saying that, me and Candy did not place, but had a great time. We did make final table and that was good enough for me, this time. All monies were donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.
We will defiantly put this one on the books for next year.     

We met some really great folks and cooked side by side with chili legends. We also had the privilege to meet a wonderful young couple from England who were traveling across the US from Chicago to LA on Old RT66. They were stopping at any place that looked interesting. They took pictures of the big Texan (me) and we talk about issues from American culture to Politics.
When we were through talking all the guy said was "Wow, who would have guessed we would have had such a deep conversation with a couple from Texas, in Missouri at a Chili Cookoff ."
I wish them the best of luck in their travels and hopefully we will meet again down the road.

I even had a news guy come by and stick a microphone in my face and ask me my opinion about the issues in the Middle East. Really? At a Chili Cookoff?
So I gave him just that. About thirty seconds of my views and he simply turned the mic off and walked away. I guess my Conservative views were not worth reporting to the liberal media.

This coming weekend we will be in East Texas cooking for another great cause. It's getting too hot for me but someone has to do it.

See ya down the road.


  1. Aww! I wish I could have made it :( My kids are having issues with their dad so I'm pretty much the only person that does anything for them and they have a lot going on right now :/ Anyways, maybe next year :) In September there is a bluegrass and chili festival in Claremore, Ok I've never went because it falls on the weekend of my youngest daughters birthday party every year, but this year I'm planning her party a week later so I can go :)

    1. We understand Kelly, maybe next year. Have fun in Claremore.

  2. MDR,

    It sounds to me like Texas know it's BBQ :-)
    I'm glad to hear you and your sweet wife enjoyed yourselves.

    I hate new reports!!!

  3. I'm glad you had fun and had great company.