Monday, February 24, 2014

Tamale Party

Everyone in my family and group of friends love to cook. When we cook we have a party. We have a party for any reason we can think of. Sounds fun? Well it is.

This weekend all the women folk in the family and their friends got together over at my mom's house
for a tamale party. They made them with beef, wild hog, chicken, rabbit and duck. If you have never had a rabbit or duck tamale then son you are missing out.
It was really neat to see all of the them working together just like old times for the greater good of feeding the men.
(Oh I'm sure I will catch some flack over that one)
I think all together they made over 200. 

I managed to slip in just for a second, but soon figured out this old rooster did not fit in with all them hens so out to the shop I went.

Earlier that morning I picked up my dad and we went to the metal yard. I wanted to take off a load of scrap I would never use and wanted to spend some time spittin, liein an cussin with all the men folk. The money I did get for my junk just switched hands right back to them after scrounging around and finding a load of junk to take back home.
With the women still hard at it in the house, me and dad stayed in the shop and started building.
With some of the junk brought back for the metal yard we ended up making this cowboy cooker. The top grate swings out of the way to put your coals in and it also slides up and down to control your heat.
I made it for my height so it stands about 43 inches high. That way when I am grilling the steaks, I don't have to bend over.

Yes, it does look like a giant Margarita glass, thanks for noticing. Top heavy you say, that is why there are holes in the plow disk on the bottom to drive bent rebar through to fasten it to the ground.

Functional, piratical and a great addition to my outdoor kitchen, plus it was made from scrap metal and free.

See Ya,


  1. Another great project. Color me jealous .

  2. Great Cowboy cooker! I've never eaten tamale's, so when I finally come to TX for a visit, I expect some along with your famous chili to be served!

    1. Be careful Izzy, once you eat some of this food you will never go back.
      If cooked right, Tamales are out of this world.

  3. I love Piratical BBQ pits...!!

    Pirate life has always fascinated me !

  4. Families don't get together and eat like they used to. I love it! Looks yummy too.
    We are getting close to butchering our first bunny, this is going to be hard on my heart :/

    1. After the first couple you get used to it. Then after the first bite of what you grew and processed yourself, you will never have another thought about it.
      Good luck Kelly