Friday, October 25, 2013

A Chili, Chilly Weekend

No, really it is going to be a chilly, chili weekend.

There will be rain most of the day Saturday with a cool North wind while we cook chili at the North Texas Firefighters Fundraiser in Whitewright Texas.
We do not have a sponsor for this cook off but being we had to register a month ago and I gave them my word I would be there, we are going.

No complaints about the weather, I have a tent with walls so it will be a great time no matter what, wish us luck.

Other than that, I think this weekend will be the first time we will need to light the fire place. That would make a great Sunday right there. The Cowboys playing, a fire, and a big pot of cabbage with fresh baked corn bread. Holy crap, that's living right there.

Y'all have a great weekend,


  1. MDR,

    Talk about the perfect weather for making Chili!!!!!!!

    I hear you on lighting your fireplace, having cabbage and fresh cornbread and watching football. Go Cowboys!!!