Monday, August 19, 2013

Short But Sweet

Another weekend has come and gone, if you want to call it a weekend that is.
Last week I ended up working about seventy hours over six days. That only left one day, Sunday to get everything done that I had planned for the weekend. That's not much time when the "To Do" list keeps growing.

First off I didn't want to waste any daylight so I was up and ready at the crack of dawn.

I grabbed a fresh cup of Mesquite Coffee and sat on the back patio watching the Mini Farm come awake. This was the best part of the day so far. A cold front moved through a couple of days ago and it was a cool 67 degrees. A heavy dew was on the grass and the newly formed spider webs sparkled in the new day. It was quiet, it was relaxing.
So many plans, so little time.

A new Competition Chili Cooking season is right around the corner and I needed to make some improvements to the way we were doing things. I got rid of the old wind break and stove we used last year and bought two new single burners and made a new wind block. This one has more room and will block the wind better. Plus, It fits great on the tailgate of the truck making it where we don't have to pack and haul around so much equipment every time we go and cook. No, it's not going to make my Chili taste any better but at least when I cook now, it will be easier.

What did I do with the old wind break you ask? With some modification and the wife telling us how to do it, me and the oldest girl turned it into a dog bed for the wife's new puppy.
The name is pronounced Basil. I don't know why it has a Y in it but it does.
The stuff I do to make the wife smile?????

Here is a picture of the youngest girls "Wee" garden. She is really proud of it and i think it looks great.
I just thought I would share.

I know it doesn't sound like much was done on my one day off, but add in mowing and all the other chores and it was a full day. 

We ended the day with some friends and family coming over, grilling and eating outside. 
On the menu was Mushroom Swiss burgers. 
Finger licking good right there.    

I also wanted to say thank you to the newest folks for hitting the button and becoming part of the MDR family. If y'all need anything just let me know.  

Until next time, 


  1. I like that the wind break fits on the tail gate, people often overlook details like that when building things. I haven't had a mushroom swiss burger in ages, sounds so good.

  2. Sometimes you need to go back to work to rest up from the weekend. Have a great week.

    1. That's the way it is every Monday Rob,
      You do the same.

  3. It is AMAZING, the amount of love you unconsciously project for your family in a simple little post.

    And here you thought it was just a post about building stuff.

    Even Baysil profited.

  4. Love the bed!!!! That dog is one lucky pup.

  5. I love the little garden. It looks lush and healthy. It is so great you can make things just the way you need them to be. And, that mushroom burger makes me drool.

    Is there a season for chili competitions?

    1. Thanks PP,
      There is for me. Most of the cooks do it year around but I almost refuse to cook chili in 100 degree weather. Our first one back will be in two weeks and it will still be too hot for me.
      The chili point year is from October to October.

  6. buddy - you promised to share that chili recipe with me - SEND ME THE RECIPE!!! i am up here in the middle of nowhere so there is no chance of us ever competing against each other. that, plus the fact that i don't enter chili competitions - bahahahahah! now send it to me - don't make me have to get the boots out!

    this was a great post and that dog bed is pure awesome! your friend,

    1. Alright, alright, Keep your boots on. I will send it this week.