Sunday, May 13, 2012

No Plans

This was kind of a funny weekend. I went into it without any plans so to speak and was just flying through by the seat of my paints.
All evening Friday I was being asked what my plans were and I kept answering "I don't know".

It didn't take to long before it all came together.
Saturday morning I found myself in the solar bathhouse putting tin on the walls and ceiling. I had some left over so I figured why not and wrapped the bathtub while I was there.

 I think it turned out looking pretty good.
 It stayed cool most of the day and by evening it was almost chilly.

I started a fire to burn some of my wood scraps and before long had some some friends drop by to enjoy a relaxing evening.

For the Mothers Day meal the wife is wanting Steak and Tatters, what a shame.
I hope all you Mothers out there had a great day.


  1. I guess some folks would say your bath-house has an "industrial" look. It looks good!

  2. Great update. Why is it the best weekends are the ones with no set plans?? I love the fire, one of the things I do miss the most about MN. We had a fire pit in our back yard. We all loved being around it.

    1. Thanks Rob.
      This is the small patio pit I use when company is over. I have the big one that is in the ground for when things need to get serious.
      There is just something about sitting around the fire.

  3. Happy Mother's Day, Mrs. MDR! i love the tin, buddy - it really looks great!

    your friend,

  4. MDR, I love weekend without plans, sometimes those are the weekends where you get more done. Happy Mother's Day to Mrs. MDR.

    1. Sandy I can't say I got more stuff done but I can say without any plans there was no pressure so it made for a easy weekend.
      I will tell the wife you wished her a good one.

  5. I like working with no plans, it's some of my best work.

    1. I'm right there with you Duke but I am wired to have everything planned out in detail. I will make the adjustments as I go along and put them on the "As Builts"
      Organized Chaos scares me, there is no telling what my mind will let me do if not planned right.

      Thanks for stopping by.