Sunday, May 13, 2012

I Hate To Brag But.......

There was never a time in my life, youth or adult, I can remember not having a garden. Some years were good and some were bad, some plants made and others didn't.
I can remember some years not wanting to hassle with it and only having a few tomatoes and peppers planted in containers out back, then other years I over did it by planting way more than I could care for only to watch it get swallowed up from all the weeds.

I have never considered myself to have a green thumb or a black one as far as that goes. I have been around people who pump their chest and tell me they are master gardeners and I don't even know what that means. So what if you can grow water lilies in the water, but can you grow watermelons in April?

I think a big percentage of it all has to do with luck. Luck with the weather, Luck with the bugs, Luck with the soil, Luck with the seeds. I can buy the freshest seeds, plant them in the best weather, in the best soil, have all my bugs under control and then then chickens get in and destroy my beans or even a freak hail storm comes out of nowhere and breaks all my pepper plants. There are too many variables in the whole process to call yourself a master. House plants maybe I can see it but gardens, not so much.
This is just my two cents on the matter.

Saying all that, I want to brag a little about my gardens. As you all know last year was stupid and the year before that I did not do so well either.
Now this year is crazy.

One bed of Beans and corn.

Kohlrabi are just about ready.

Tomatoes as far as you can see.

Pumpkins, already! 

 Hundreds of squash. Look at the size of just one of the plants.

Cucumbers finding their way up the shade.

There is so much more but I didn't want to get to picture heavy. You should see the sunflowers, stalks as big as my wrist and the sweet potatoes are out of control.

This is nothing but a brag post so I better find some wood to knock on, quick.  



  1. Humility is greatly over-rated anyway. It's okay to brag on yourself a little now and then!

  2. Everthing looks great! Mine not doing so well but will post on it anyway in a day or so.

  3. mine is coming along well so far...everything is starting to grow, green up and blossom too. hopefully, i will have a good harvest in the end of the garden is good to toot your horn now and then cause no one else is gonna..:) love your tin work in your bath house...i love when folks find a way to reuse building materials and get creative..

    1. Thanks Anony, I usually don't say anything because Murphy is right there to slap me down but I just couldn't help it this time.