Friday, January 15, 2016

I Just Didn't Like It

Being they have upped the chances of rain even more for this weekend, painting the tiny house is defiantly out of the question, plus my help decided to go out of town.

I bought the materials to trim out the 4X6 posts on the front porch so at least that could be done when the weather permitted me to paint. A couple of days ago I cut all the boards and trimmed out one post to see what it would look like. Now here's the deal, I should have only cut enough wood to trim out just one post to see if I liked it or not instead of cutting everything. I just don't like it. I would have taken a picture to show you but I don't like it enough to even do that. I left the post trimmed thinking it would grow on me, but no. So now I have forty four pieces of wood cut to fit around the tops and bottoms of every post on the porch and I don't want to put them on. I even asked the wife what she thought and she didn't like it either. There is nothing else I can use all these angled cut pieces of wood for except the fire pit.
Now that all the tools are put away and with the rain is coming in, all that is left to do is cook chili.
So now the plans have changed. I will be going to Shreveport LA this weekend to cook chili. I don't want to do that either, but it beats sitting around the house kicking myself in the butt for wasting all that wood. I can do that when I get back.  

Maybe there is still hope for the weekend if I can find a good Cajun Restaurant and get me some real Jambalaya, AIEEE!!!!!!

See ya next week,


  1. Cmmon, we want to see pics, even failure pics. Because they teach us newbies something every day! Hope you & yours are doing well. Good luck on the Schrevefort, LA chili championship!

    1. Alright DFW, I will take one tonight and put it on the next post.
      I didn't do well at the cook off but Candy got 3rd

  2. Gene has redone the trim on his new porch posts three times and still doesn't like them but they looked fine to me each time. I just do stuff and call it good.

    Isn't it kind of expensive to make chili? I'm told that Texas chili is all meat.

    1. I understand BBC, but I just don't like the look of it. I am thinking of no trim at this point.

      It is expensive if you do it as much as we do. How we cut our costs is we buy everything in bulk. The entry fees cost the most.