Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Herding Cats

Herding cats would have been easier than having the family come over to paint the house last Sunday.

Everyone showed up Saturday night and sat around the fire, lied to each other and drank a little beer. I blew up air beds and opened the camper to find room for everyone to sleep. Having a tiny house does have it's disadvantages at times. My buddy even had to sleep on the couch.

It was windy, really windy and almost too cold to do anything but we did.
After a big breakfast we braved the wind to get the house painted. I fired up the smoker and put on two racks of ribs and about thirty pounds of chicken. Potato salad and baked beans were our sides. At noon when the temp was above 50, everyone went to work. My buddy manned the smoker while I played "Runner Boy" for the painters.
What, there's a hog in the trap! I looked up and everyone was gone. It was time for a hog killing. After that we got back to work.
We got the front all painted, but it was getting too late to start on the back. I will do that this weekend. There is a lot less to cut in back there so it should not take as long and if it's not windy then I will get to try out my new sprayer that is still in the box. 
Then it's on to the railing across the top.  

Last night I got the main power ran for the house. No more of this turning one thing off before turning another on kinda deal. I have the power to run it all now. 
Plus I need to spend a day cleaning up after the disaster left behind from the weekend. 

 I guess that's all I got for now, A big thanks to all that came out to help.

See ya,


  1. It doesn't look very tiny to me, how many square feet?

  2. " I fired up the smoker and put on two racks of ribs and about thirty pounds of chicken. Potato salad and baked beans were our sides."

    Two guys drinking beer can paint a tiny house in less than a day, and you had an army there to feed?

  3. True BBC, but it was what it was. And they got done what they could.

  4. Well, I don't consider 700 square feet tiny, my first home was 800 square feet and it was plenty big enough for four of us. Now I live in 400 sf.

    1. I have read where it has to be under 500sf to be a tiny house but then I have seen on the tiny house newsletter where folks have up to 900sf and they are still calling it a tiny house.
      BBC, I guess it is whatever you want it to be and it is a matter of perspective.
      If I went from 4500sf to a 1800sf then I would feel I am living in a tiny house.
      I went from 2300sf to 700 and feel like I am in a tiny house. I know of some who live in 120sf so they would consider your 400 a big place.

  5. For 18 years I lived in 180 SF but I did have a lot of other storage. After moving here I spent my first four months in my tiny camper of 5X8 feet but the Texas heat drove me to get an apartment and this is the smallest I could find.

  6. Looks like the cats are winning. Julia