Monday, December 14, 2015

Where's The Fish

After this weekend the official total rainfall here in North Texas is 59.5 inches. I am sure we have had more than that up here where I live, but "officially" I don't have a clue.
The creeks are up out of their banks making my Crappie holes un-fishable. This is about the time of year I live on the creek banks jigging for Crappie. As it is now I would have to walk back at least a mile through thick swamp brush to get to the fish and I don't think I am going to do that.  I like fishing, but I don't like it that well.

So instead I worked on the house. This weekend I got the Ladder built and installed for the bedroom loft, plus ran and hooked up the power to the kitchen island. I also got the shelves finished in the upstairs craft room and started unpacking boxes of books and chili trophies to fill them.

Right off the bat Saturday morning my dad and I finished installing the new stove and making sure everything works with no leaks. The stove weighs 400 pounds and was a chore trying to get it in place, they just don't make them like that anymore, but it fits and looks like it belongs there.
 Modern cookware just did not seem right on this old girl so we pulled out and polished up the cast iron and put some to use.   

Candy was so happy to finally be able to cook inside.
(It's funny to write that down because it makes us sound like hillbillies or something, "look maw, running water").

Okay side note, funny story. You know I finally got the kitchen sink in the house right? Well everyone that comes over walks to the sink and turns it on just to see if it works. One of my nephews after checking it even laughed and said, "Oh wow! you got running water in here."
A friend of mine was looking around the sink and asked if I ran the garden hose through the floor or came in through the wall. I told him, "hu no, it's actually plumbed in with hot water and everything, just like real people have." 
I just thought it was kinda funny and had to share it.

Anyway back to the post, she was so happy in fact she made me up some fried chicken and vegetables. Then to top it all off, she even baked me some cookies and served them with a big glass of milk.
If I would have only known that I would be treated like this, I might have spoiled her and got her a stove a long time ago.

These chickens came from the farm, processed last weekend. We had some new comers (city folks) show up and wanted to help out just to see how it's done. Processing your own meat is something everyone needs to know how to do if it's chickens, fish, pork or beef and I don't mind teaching others and I sure don't mind the help. 

We would have had forty more to do at the end of next month, but selling them was a better option.

This week I plan to focus on where the fish are at, trimming out the porch, getting all the kitchen stuff out of storage and maybe even building the little cabinet next to the stove.

So until then,
Hillbilly Jerry


  1. MDR,

    I love your stove, those babies are very heavy.
    We may go finishing this weekend for trout up mid state in OK. Hope you have luck fishing for crappie.

  2. Love your stove too! And your wife might Love you just a little bit ;)

    1. Thanks Denise, but if I continue to eat like this I will gain all my weight back.

  3. That really is a sweet stove. Reminds me of the one my grandma had that included the hot water heater in it.

    About your fishing, at least the water isn't frozen, which is all we have here and I'm not much of an ice fisherman.

    1. Thanks Jim
      I have never iced fished but would like to do it at least once.

  4. This old country hick loves the stove. Just the right amount of rain here in central Texas and the fishing is good.

    1. Thanks BBC
      I will be down that way for the 1st. We have a chili cookoff in Meridian.

  5. Loving the catch up sessions as I read your posts. Good to see all the awesome changes taking place. Looks like you've been an incredibly busy family! A blessing.


    1. Thanks Lana, yes we do stay on the hectic side of life around here.