Monday, October 13, 2014

Time To Get Busy

We finally got our buildings moved in and set in place.
 The one on the left (12X24)was my wood shop and the other one (10X16) was my garden shed. Now the one on the left will be my kitchen and living room and the one on the right will be my bedroom. The space in between (10X16) will be the bathroom, pantry and will have a loft for the craft/sewing room.

The first step is to build the middle section. It's hard to do with all the chili cooking but I think this is a little more important at the moment. After I get back for the World Championship at the end of the month I intend to get this done quickly.

This weekend the Chili Trail was up and down. Saturday I got 6th place and Candy got 13th. Sunday Candy got 7th place and I got 11th. I do not like two day cookoffs and will probably wont do them again. It's just to exhausting and it takes up your whole weekend. Other than that the weather was perfect and I could not ask for a better cooking partner.

Today marks another milestone. My oldest daughter Jessie turned 22 years old. She called me this
morning talking about how old she feels and believe me I understand. I think she is taking not being 21 anymore a little hard, for me it 30. I tried hanging on to my twenties as long as I could, but in the end no matter how hard I tried, time marched on.
So here's to you old maid, Happy birthday, we love you and keep living the dream.
Here is some old man advise from me just for you on your birthday Jessie, "You will never achieve greatness if you ask for permission first"
Go get'em sweetheart.Whoop!

 It's been a while since I posted a picture of my little Grand baby. She is four months old now and just as happy and loving as a baby can be.
You know it's funny, how it does not matter how big, bad and mean you think you are, when your granddaughter smiles and laughs at you, you turn into a big ol' softy.

That's it for now,


  1. Nothing like a grandchild to give your days that little something extra special :)

  2. Can't wait to see you house when it's finished!
    Happy Birthday to Jessie! I love her fanny pack! Thirty was REALLY bad for me. I cried all night and had a laundry list of things I should have had by then (all were fulfilled within' 2 years). Forty was easier ;)
    Your granddaughter is adorable! She has a beautiful smile, no wonder you melt and those two little teeth, so cute :)

  3. Awe, too cute! The both of them! Can't wait to see the finished house.

  4. You ARE busy!!! I understand about the smiling grandbaby. Although, mine would be my niece.

  5. MDR,

    Your Daughter and Grand Daughter are gorgeous!
    Wish your Daughter a Happy Birthday from and Okie friend.
    Can't wait to see your final home.
    Congrats on the Chili Cook Off!

  6. You have always been a big ol' softie in my eyes, MDR! But then, I haven't managed to make you mad yet


    1. I don't think you ever will HB. Thanks for the comment.