Friday, January 3, 2014

Another Piece Of The Kitchen

Just as I scheduled, another piece of the Outdoor Kitchen is close to being completed.

This is the Fire Trough. It sits next to the Cajun Microwave and it will be where the fire is started and burns down. It's where the coals will be shoveled out of and onto the Outdoor Oven. The removable cross bar is a T post and can hold all the Dutch ovens you need to cook in. Once a good bed of coals is on the Oven, then I can spread them out and hang my beans, cobbler, biscuits or whatever else I want to cook in the Dutch ovens.The different length hangers can get you right on the fire or high to keep warm.   On top of all that, this trough is where I will put the potatoes and corn wrapped in tin foil to cook. Once they are done, all you do is dust them off and unwrap a little piece of heaven.
Everything about this except the concrete was free. We are taking the old house down on the farm and I am getting these bricks. The metal is fence posts and scrap I have picked up along the way. The concrete cost some but most was from busted bags and were only a buck or so. Total cost of the project was $25.00
I know these bricks will fall apart over time because they are not made for fire, but adding the concrete to the holes will make them last a little longer longer. I plan to get three to four years of cooking out of it. This is the second one I have built like this and it works.

The only thing I plan to add is a swing arm on one of the posts so I can swing in a pot if I want to.
Other than that, she will cook now.
 Plus I made the dimensions where I can add the grate that is in the oven to the top of this. It will cover 3/4 of the trough so if I wanted to cook 50 hamburgers at a time, then I will have the space to do so.

Very simple design, very simple build and a must if you are cooking outdoors for fun or in a survival situation.

Tomorrow I will be splitting wood again. All these out door cooking areas plus keeping the house warm is demanding a butt load of wood.

See ya on the flip side,


  1. Nice, it may be something I need to add to my 2014 wish list!

  2. Keeping busy I see nice setup I'm jealous again.Happy New Year to you and yours I hope it will be a good one.

  3. Love it. Looks like something I can get my guys to try. I really need to improve my cast iron cooking skills. Notice you are still talking about fire wood. Have you thought of Kerosene heaters. we love them and have depended on them through the winters for years. Julia

    1. Thanks Julia, it is easy to do and a major asset to food prep.
      I have tried the kerosene just like old time but I do not like the smell that much. If I had to then I would.

  4. That is a good idea to have a setup like that ready to go in an emergency. I am planning on hooking up a wood burning cook stove but need an out door area as well. We have a wood burning outdoor oven at my work and I want to see how that works when they fire it up this spring. All kinds of possibilities.

    1. Thanks SBF. At the old house at the farm I had a full outdoor kitchen with everything I needed to prep and cook a full meal. I have gone without one for a long time and now I am finally getting mine built. It was the way we lived and ate on a daily basis. Here, it's more for fun and hobby.

  5. That is great. We have a firepit that we made with bricks. Nothing fancy, but it works. I like how you can hang your dutch ovens.