Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Slow Weekend

This weekend has not been very exciting. As a matter of fact , it has been slow.

The rains have been here the past three days leaving a muddy mess outside where if I was wanting to do something I really couldn't except if it was in the shop.

Yesterday I managed to get some much needed burning done. This gave me the chance to burn in the new fire trough I built and see how it was going to work.
I also redesigned the Cajun Microwave. Everyone was telling me it was too deep and the heat would not reach the meat well enough. So, instead of having them say "I told you so" when it came time to cook on it, I took a layer of bricks off the top and raised the cooking try up a few inches. This makes the meat only twelve inches from the heat. I need to do a test run before the big party in March just to make sure it will not be too close now. Further research has shown me they may be right.
Today I plan to fabricate the swing arm for the fire trough so I can swing the dutch ovens on and off the fire if I want to.

Last week I came across a new way to go to chili competitions where we need to stay overnight. The main reason we do not do those now is the cost to haul the camper or the stay in hotels. I am way too cheap for all that so I was able to get a hold of one of these truck tents.
Now all it will cost is the fuel to get there and back. We can stay for free at any of the places we cook at if it is too far to come back the same day.
Our fist outing will be this coming weekend in College Station, then to Rankin for a huge cook off.

All that to get a chance to win this trophy.

Speaking of College Station, my oldest girl Jessie just went back to college today, she has been with us for the winter break. It never gets any easier seeing her leave, but knowing I will see her again next weekend makes it a little better. She has become a chili head with us and plans to cook at the cook off with us while we are down there. After that we will not see her until March.

If anyone is around that area, I would love for y'all to come out and say hey. We will be at the Harley Davidson shop on HWY 6 all day Saturday the 18th. 

Other than that, See down the road,


  1. Those truck tents are nice. We have a little pop up trailer. It comes in handy when we need it. Good luck with your cook off!

    1. Thanks J&M,
      I have a camper in the barn but I really don't want to pull it that far and it's really a pain for just a night or so.
      We take it when we have a camp site but this here, we will be camping at the cook off.

  2. My cousin had a rig set up for his mini van, he had a bed on top of storage drawers, and they had area for cooking and everything. He planned and built it himself. I think it took him half hour to instal and another half hour to remove.

    Have you thought about a topper cover? I ran across a guy with a full size truck with a topper and he lived in his truck. In the summer he was in MN, and winter in Las Vegas doing construction.

    1. Rob, the van sounds like a heck of a deal.
      I thought about the topper, but there is not enough room. My truck bed is only 5' 7" so it's not a full long bed. When I pack the truck for cook offs I have to stack and with a topper there is not enough room.

  3. When and where is the cookoff in College Station this weekend? If I can, I'll come support you guys!

    LOVE the popup tent for the truck! I think it would be a great addition to my BOB to keep in the truck always. In the meantime, the older grandsons would be happy to test it out for me when they're here. : )

    1. Oops, forgot to sign my name.


    2. I knew it was you HB, LOL
      We lucked into this truck tent and got it on the cheap.
      I sent you a email.