Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cajun Microwave

Here is my latest project, it's a Cajun Microwave.
I guess you could also call it a big outdoor oven, but I like the other name better.
I made this out of cinder blocks and filled the holes with sand to retain the heat, plus it can be moved if need be. Filling them with concrete would have made it stationary and if I ever move, I want to take it with me.

 It took 52 cinder blocks to make the structure. The top is made from diamond plate. The handles are rebar and trampoline springs. It does take two people to remove the top but that is never an issue when your having a party. The coals go on top of this plate heating the inside of the oven. The bigger the pile of coals the hotter the oven. You can use charcoal or wood coals. I plan to have a large fire going beside it and shoveling the coals on it as it cooks.
 The inside meat tray is made from diamond stretch and bed frame angle iron. It sits on cinder blocks and the ground below it is dug out to make a bowl with packed sand to help with the convection.
The meat is seasoned, injected, then wrapped and set on this tray and then lowered down into the oven.

with these homemade hooks. They are just rebar and trampoline springs bent to make hooks.
A digital thermometer will be inserted into the meat and when it reaches the desired temp, the top will be removed with help and set on the ground. Then the tray with the meat on it will be removed and set on the table. The meat will be unwrapped and served just like that, as pulled pork.
I can also cook about nine turkeys in this thing at a time. Keep in mind, it's not a smoker, just a really big off the grid oven.   

It was good to get a project done, it has been so long. I was able to work some deals for most of the materials so the cost was lower than it would have been buying everything at retail. It's always nice to have a brother that works at a metal yard. That is where I got the metal at such a great deal. And it's always good to have a dad that has a metal shop. Anything you could imagine can be built there.A big thanks to both them for helping me out on the build.

My youngest girl will be turning 18 in a couple of months and she is wanting to throw a paint party. That is where you throw paint on each other. I don't get it, but it's the in thing I guess. I plan to use Cajun Microwave to cook one of those wild hogs we caught. I almost want to do it this weekend just to see how it turns out.     

This ice storm has arrived and we are stuck in the house for the next few days. We even canceled our chili cook off as well. I fear cabin fever will set in by Monday.

Until next time, keep it real.


  1. Love it! Please stay safe, warm & dry.

    1. Thanks DFW, it's been real hard to stay warm and safe but we are trying.

  2. My brother owns a steel fabrication plant and ten years ago he made our diamond steel base and set it in the ground up in Indiana, but instead of sand we used lava rocks underneath. The finishing touch was the large diamond steel lid he placed on top. uh.... we couldn't move it. Since he was used to making industrial strength products, etc., I think he got overly enthusiastic. lol We were totally embarrassed to mention it to him, so it sat unused for several months until he asked when we were gong to invite him to a pig roast.

    He used more caution with the next lid and thinner material. He bored holes into the overhanging ledge of the lighter steel lid and made handles with hooks to insert. Even then, it still took two men to move it. But the meat......fantastic! Wet hickory chips add a fantastic smoke.

    The old lid was so heavy that my brother took it to the fire department training tower so we could set fires on it for training. And I think it is STILL sitting in the same spot. lol

    1. Building it too big was one thing I made sure not to do. Yes it does take two people to operate the oven but that is expected and designed that way.
      I think it will be a great addition to the outdoor kitchen.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Dani but I was going for Manly instead of cute.

  4. Hey, Jerry. Hope you all are O.K. in this nasty weather. TV says we won't be getting out until Wed. due to our steep driveway. We are about 30 ,mi. S of you. Plenty of food and kero heaters in case the power goes out. I'll bet you are as well stocked. Be careful. Julia

    1. Thanks Julia, yes we are prepared but never enough. Our wood has run out and we are now solely relying on the electric heater. If we loose power then we will be screwed. I have enough wood for one day in reserve just in case.
      food and water is not a problem.
      Stay warm and safe. I think I will venture out today just to see if I can get in trouble.
      Let me know if y'all need anything and I will make my way there.

  5. Cool!!!! I bet I could make a smaller version of that. I don't have as many cookouts as what you guys do. But, I bet that would make a killer pan of biscuits. lol

    1. To fire this big boy up I need at least one hog, several chickens and a few turkeys to justify the wood use. I do plan to make a smaller one, kinda like a pizza oven to do the breads and smaller things.
      Thanks for the comment SFG