Monday, September 2, 2013

Middle Of The Road Club

Even with all the new cooking equipment and new recipes with all new chili powders, me and the wife are still hanging around the middle of the road on or chili.

Saturday there were 75 cooks at the Oklahoma State Championship and I came in at 27th. That's better than half and better then a couple of world champions that were there, but still not good enough for me.
On Sunday there were 35 cooks and we didn't even make final table. The winner on Saturday didn't make final table Sunday either, it's frustrating that way.
I have even cooked and turned in two exact same pots of chili before and got two completely different results. It just don't make any sense.  
I have to just keep reminding myself it's for charity and it's about having a good time and not about the prize.
The wife had fun and I had fun because she had fun. It's good to get out and be around good folks doing good things for a good cause.

You can see in the far left bottom of the picture, on the table, that is my new inverter. It ran our spice grinder and big fan all weekend. Folks were coming by, pointing and saying "We need to do that". That's what happens when you bring a prepper to a chili cook off.
I plan on making a portable power pack with a solar panel to recharge the battery so I can have power where ever I am at. I know they sell them but I want to make one.

Next, we will be in Wichita Falls Texas trying it again.

Enjoy your day,


  1. Hey, twenty-seventh isn't last...well done. Many, many years ago I won a chili cooking contest, well a blue ribbon, with my venison chili. Stuff simmered for three days before the contest. The solar was a great idea.

    1. Thanks Stephen,
      The rules for CASI are that everything has to cooked on site and out in the open. You cannot have any floaters such as onions, garlic or peppers. Everything is in powder form. What you turn is gravy and meat, that's it and the meat can only be a chili grind.
      Yea, it's not like my home chili that is for sure.

  2. If you entered the same recipe two separate times and got different outcomes, it proves the only true winners are the charities. And that is more deserving than anything.

    But, your contests are moving in the wrong direction. Half of America is on THIS SIDE of Texas. Then Stephen and I could show up and toss a wee bit of gun powder in the opponent's recipes!!

    1. LJ, it was 2 of the same recipe at the same time with different results.
      I also think gunpowder might help.
      And I agree, in the end it's all about the charities.
      Thanks for the comment.

  3. We've used inverters in our vehicles. Be interested in seeing your design for your power pack.
    Keep telling hubby we need to think of some sort of solar something or other to run our well pump with.

    First cookoff of the season, right? You'll improve. I understand about frustration though.
    Good luck on the next one!

    1. Thanks LindaG,
      The thing with the power pack is that it has to have a big enough solar panel on it to recharge the batteries quickly. I need to do some research on it before I build it.

      Yes, we will get better. It was the madden voyage for everything so I need to work out some bugs.

  4. MDR - i think 27th is great buddy - be proud of that! however, can you do a post and tell us about the judging? is it always the same judges, different judges or whatnot? i am not sure i understand this judging thing - never been to a chili cook-off. so if you get the time, i'd like to learn more.

    again congrats and good luck in future competitions! your friend,

    1. Thanks Kymber,
      Sure thing, the next time I do a chili post I will describe the judging and confuse us both.
      Maybe you need to put one on up there.

  5. 27th is better then I could do. I would come in 99th out 75. Big Texas Grin.

    1. Thanks Rob,
      I have came in last before, it's not fun.
      The hard part is you never get any feedback on what your stuff tasted like so you don't know what to do different next time.

  6. That's frustrating that the judging is all over the place. I'm glad you had fun, if I did one I would be lucky to place.

    1. Thanks J&M
      The good thing about doing your first cook off is that it's called the rookie curse. Most folks that cook for the first time come close to winning their first cook off. This gives them false hope. LOL

  7. MDR,

    Did you have fun, that is the big question??

    27th place is really good. I think we need to get all of your blogger friends together to make sure those who judge know who to judge for, lol......

    Keep your chin up and socket to them MDR. You and Sweet Wife did a fantastic job.

    1. Thanks Sandy,
      Yes Sandy we had a blast.
      I wished it was that easy on the judging. My cup looks just like everyones cup. That's the good thing about it, it's a double blind so no favorites can be given.
      We have about twenty five cook offs this year and if I'm not doing any better by then, then I might think about retiring.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Do you have any good chili recipes for canning chili? Our homeschool coop is twice a week now instead of once, so going into winter I am wanting to can up some soups and chilis for those cold days that we have coop--it makes coming home at supper time much quicker.

    1. Thanks for the comment April,
      I have not canned any chili. I would think it is the same as pasta sauce with meat in it, we do that. We have taken a huge can of store bought chili and broke it down into pint jars and re-pressure canned them.
      Good luck and if you find one let me know.