Friday, September 20, 2013

Best of Both Worlds

Mark my words, I will never again complain about the rain. Last night it set in and it will be gone tonight. Even though it may be short, it will leave about 2" of the precious liquid behind. At this point I would settle for anything.
Another reason it's a good day is because the high temp for the day is only going to be 76 and the low will be 66. It can't get any better than that.

Even with the rain today the weekend plans are all still a go. We will be cooking in St. Joe this weekend and this cook off should be a good one.
We need all the support we can get so if you decide you need something to do Saturday come on out, drink a beer with me and taste my chili.

See ya down the road,


  1. We have the same glorious weather! This rain has saved my poor wilted fall plants....Loving it!!!!

    Good luck this weekend ☺

  2. Just had a very welcome cold front, with rain and snow, hit us last night too. Sigh, isn't life wonderful... :)

  3. THANK GOODNESS! There's good and bad to be had on both extremes. I worry about hoof rot happening to all those animals standing in water in Colorado.

    You will be able to have your weekend with a smile on your face and some peace finally.

    I would love nothing better than being with you and your cute wife and tasting your chili, beans, whatever. I have a load of cornbread on the countertop right now. My cornbread is like a fiesta in your mouth!

    I have two large holes in both shins this morning, and lots of large blisters all over my face and arms from the dermatologist.

    I can just see me tasting your competitor's chili, then turning around so the judge's can see my face, then yelling "IT BURNS!!!!"

    (a guaranteed blue ribbon for you, dear buddy)

    1. Sorry about your face LJ, (I thought I would never say that to a woman) I hope things are better.
      I agree that would have been really funny. I don't think anyone would have taken a bite after that.