Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Full Time

I didn't want it to happen, but I knew it would. We are now living in the house full time even though it is not done.

This weekend we had a big push to get it livable with A/C in the whole house. We got the insulation done in the Kitchen/Living area, put in the big A/C and even boxed in the drop down in the center with cedar. The walls, floors, ceiling, cabinets, stove and everything else that goes in a kitchen/living room still needs to be done.
I joked with Candy by saying, "We started off on plywood floors and now look at us 25 years later, right back on them."
Everything else is done in the house and I knew that once we started spending most of our time there it would not be long before we just moved in. It got really old going back and forth from the house to the camper and having some things over there and some stuff over here. Plus running the electricity in both started to get out of hand.  All we were using the camper for was to cook and do dishes anyway. So to get completely out of it and just shut the thing off is a good thing.
The biggest problem is now I have to work around more stuff.

My dad gave me an old ice box that is just the size we need. It holds everything we had in the two refrigerators we were running in the camper plus some. I also took an old outdoor kitchen project I made a couple of years ago and modified it to fit our needs now.

I set it up right outside the front door on the porch so it's easy to get to. I then installed this sink and hooked it up to the garden hose. We have hot water, but just what is in the hose. It's enough to do the dished with and if we need more then we just bucket it in from the bathroom. For the drains we use five gallon buckets and empty them when they get full. Hey, it works and it's functional. Plus, food always tastes better when cooked outside.
Once the kitchen is done then this will go away and the sink and stove will be used in my real outdoor kitchen on the deck beside the house.

But then disaster struck. Sunday afternoon we had a large portion of the family over for hamburgers and to show off the house. It had been raining and I was showing the upstairs area. On my way back down I fell. The end result is I broke a bone in my lower back. I have pretty much been in bed ever since. The doctor said it is broke in an area they cannot brace or get to so there is nothing they can do except manage my pain. It will be four to six weeks before I can lift anything, squat or walk up stairs. On top of all that, last night Candy was coming down the ladder from sewing all day and somehow managed to almost destroy her knee. Torn ligaments, messed up knee cap and the whole works. She is in a full leg brace and on crutches now.
What a mess, she can't take care of me and I can't take care of her, but we are managing, just a little slower than usual.
I didn't have any plans this weekend anyway, but what a way to spend Father's day. I would have much rather been playing golf.
Jessie is coming in this weekend to help take care of old mom and dad. I told her she better get used to it. LOL
Okay, pain meds are kicking in, I need to get off here before I say more stupid stuff.

See ya down the road.


  1. Oh noooooo. Injuries are slow to heal as we get older. I do hope you get & Candy heal soon. You know you both are still young enough to heal right? Please take it easy & don't try to do too much. I know words like that fall on deaf ears but I have to say then anyway.

    1. Thanks DFW, we have been laying around all week now. I can tell it's going to take a little longer for this to go away but when it does, I'm back at it.

  2. I wish we lived closer!

  3. Ah, sorry to hear of your injuries. Take care guys - rest up and let them heal.

  4. May God heal you both quickly.

  5. Did you make plans for wheelchair accessibility or an elevator? All kidding aside, I hope you both heal up quickly.

    1. Thanks Ed and we are now talking elevators to the second floor.

  6. Oh no! I hope you both feel better!
    Happy Father's Day!

  7. Hey! Hubby and I are right there with ya. I broke a bone in my back a few weeks ago and now Hubby's back went out on him. Ya, we are a bunch. lol. Sucks getting old huh. lol
    Hope you guys can make is ok. Bless your daughters heart for helping out.

    1. Oh no, I hate to hear that but I do understand. We will heal and be right back at it. Thanks SFG

  8. MDR,

    I just now came across your post about your back, and Candy's knee. I've been going back to read posts I've missed while taking care of my husband after he had major neck surgery.
    This is terrible, you both are injured, and can't help one another.
    Broke a bone in your back, and the doctor could not fix/fuse it?
    How long will Candy be stuck in the cast? I am sending prayers for both of you for a speedy recovery.......and to be careful at your homestead.

  9. I just came upon your blog and read about you and your Mrs.'s problems ! Me and my Mrs's are both disabled , I fell on ice at work and went off the end of a loading dock and broke my back and neck! Then my wife got cancer of the spine that left her paralyzed from the waist down , Then she lost a breast to it and Now she has it in her shoulder ! We have been married 31 years and she raised 2 kids from her wheelchair !! I live in constant pain and now i have cysts on my brain too boot that are causing some very painful and annoying too boot !! You two hang in there and I will pray for you !! God Bless !