Monday, January 12, 2015

Nothing To Say, Except......

Because you now I'm all about that chili, 'bout that chili, 'bout that chili, no beans,
All about that chili, 'bout that chili, 'bout that chili, no beans,
All about that chili, 'bout that chili 'bout that chili, no beans 
You know it's pretty clear, I ain't no world champion,
But I can cook it cook it, like I'm suppose to do.
Cause I got that mmmm, mmmm, that all the judges chase,
And all the right spices in all the right places.
Yea my momma she told me to not cook it too light,
She said judges like a little more heat to keep them up at night.
You know I won't be no half assed, mediocre chili cook,
So if that's what your into then go ahead and read the rule book.
Because you now I'm all about that chili, 'bout that chili, 'bout that chili, no beans,
All about that chili, 'bout that chili, 'bout that chili, no beans,
All about that chili, 'bout that chili, 'bout that chili, no beans
I'm bringing chili back,
Go ahead and tell them BBQ cooks.... that.
No, I'm just playing I know you like the fat.
But I'm here to tell you every cup full of my chili is perfect from bottom to the top.

(I think that was the most stupid and waste of time thing I have ever done right there. For some reason I cannot get "All about that base" out of my head)

I hope everyone had a great holiday season. I had such big plans to move forward on the little house but it just did not happen.
Rains, cold and the big case of "Not Want To" hindered every move I really wanted to make. I did try though. I went out and looked around a few times. I stood there, thought of what I wanted to do, picked up a hammer, put the hammer down and casually walked back to the camper. That's just the way it was. I can tell you though, I am motivated. Wintering in the camper is not fun, it's cold.

What we did do, is cook chili everywhere.

 We brought in the New Years in Wichita Falls with a bunch of friends and the oldest daughter Jessie (photo bombing us).
It's a hard place to cook and I think I talked about it in my last post, but you have to be somebody to walk there, well I walked with 9th place.  Not great, but at least it was a point,
We don't plan to cook there again not for any reason except that they only like one kind of chili and ours is not that kind. They want it so hot it burns a hole through your throat.
Great group of people though.

 Then we drove to Meridian down in the Hill Country and decided to stay for the two day cook off
Saturday I got 11th and we don't know what Candy did but it wasn't top 10. Sunday I got 17th and Candy got 18th. After tasting the winning chilies I knew they didn't like ours there either. They wanted it bland with no heat. I tried to make a crappy chili on Sunday, but it was too good for that place I guess.
We had a great time seeing some folks we have not seen in a long while. The band was good and the conversations were better. I would probably do this one again just to see my South Texas friends.

 Last Saturday we cooked in Plano. I don't guess they liked my chili there either. I got 11th again and Candy got 4th.
It was cold and we had to set up all the sides on our EZ Up and put the heater on high just to keep from shaking.
Nothing really exciting here and we will probably take this one off the calender for next year.

The wife looks great doesn't she? She is down 24 pounds now and still going. Way to go! 

With all this bad luck on the chili trail I had to get away from it because it will just drive you nuts trying to figure it out. I got some friends together and we went to a little cigar bar in Denton named Frogs. So, we sat out on the patio, by the fire, had a beer and toked on those big cigars like we were the Mac Daddy's.

Nothing too exciting. I am sure when it warms up a little I will be back full time on the house. The 24th we will be in College Station cooking at the Harley Davidson store off of HWY 6,. Come on out if you are down that way, because you know it's all about that chili, 'bout that chili, 'bout that chili, no beans.  (LOL)

See ya,


  1. That song is stuck in my head, too, so I am loving your version.

  2. Regardless, it sounds like you guys are enjoying your life & each other!

  3. MDR,

    All About That Base.......why is it that this song just stays in our heads? Love your version of the song!!!! This cold, wet, weather sure makes it hard to work outside.

    Meridian, Texas.....I know this area, been there a few times to pickup my step son when he was younger. My husbands ex-wife used to live there.

    Stay warm, and don't work to hard!!!

    1. It's hard to stay warm in that camper Sandy but we are trying.

  4. Great, now that song is stuck in my head.....again. lol