Friday, September 12, 2014

It's About Time

Finally, I think summer is over.
Three days ago it was 101 degrees and today it's only going to be a high of 73. Also a little rain came in with the cold front so it's twice as good.

Tonight we are loading up for a weekend of Chili cooking in St Jo Texas. This will be our third year to go and the first time for a two day. We will be staying in the truck tent because it's too much trouble to break down the camper. If we were not living it, then we would take it.
I have never had any luck at this cook off. The wife has made top 10 two times but not me, not even in beans. Then again, this will be the first time I have cooked this recipe up there so we will see.
A big group of folks will be staying for day two and I know this will be too much fun.

Tiny House update.
After much deliberation and redesign, we decided to make it a little bigger, two feet wider to be exact. By doing this it will cut down on the crap pieces of lumber by utilizing the complete board and give us 32 more square feet. I think this will put us out of the "Tiny House" category and into the "Small House" one.
They say (and I don't know who they are) a tiny house is anything under 500 square feet.  We are now up to 560 square feet.
We also had to make our house pad a little bigger for it to set on. That meant bringing in more dirt and building the pad up. We will still need more dirt hauled in later to even out the edges and make it where it's a gentle slop up to the house and not a step up.
There has even been talk about adding a widow's walk to the middle section, but I don't know about that yet.
The buildings should be moved in next week so we can get them in place and get started. I can't wait to get out of the camper.

See ya next week with a picture of my first place trophy,


  1. Sounds like a good project. Temps here went from 95 to 37 degrees at the moment. Not ready yet1

  2. It's still a tiny house in my eyes! I can't wait to see it.

  3. MDR,

    Getting closer to moving buildings, that's great news.
    Enjoy Chili cooking, I hope you win 1st place.
    Temperatures dropping into the mid 40's late tonight into the morning here.

  4. Tiny or small - there's no place like home :)

  5. Good luck at the cook off! Our temps have dropped drastically, highs only in the 50's today. I can't wait to see your house when its done. Will you build a basement or shelter for tornado season?

    1. Thanks Rachel, We put in a storm shelter here at the place a year ago so she will be safe.

  6. I like that idea about adding a few square feet. We are trying to do the same thing with our house we are building. As I look back though, I wished we would have made ours a mini house instead of the enormous thing we have now. We are actually thinking about doing what you did and give it to Hubby's daughter. Then going on back into the woods and build us a small one. Time will tell.