Friday, July 18, 2014

Home Is Where She Is At

Here is my home,

Just for a little while hopefully.
It's like camping every day!

Alright, it's not really that fun but it's a change of pace and completely different than what I am accustom to. I have neighbors all around me and I can watch them eat dinner and I can hear them talking, arguing or whatever. While I am sitting outside I watch folks walk their dogs and meander around like something I have never seen before. Mine and Candy's conversations are like, "You know, the owner of the beagle." I really don't understand this way of living, but it is kinda nice not to have anything to do during the week. I do miss my girls and just being able to do something. Here in RV land all there is to do is just breath, eat and sleep.

Candy is really trying to make this a pleasant experience for both of us and in turn I am trying to do my best to not pick out the little things like the cramped living and all her clothes, makeup and her barking dog. I have her and my outdoor kitchen so I am happy.
Honestly, it don't matter if it was in a tent by the lake or living out of our truck, as long as I have her there it would be home. I tell you what, me and this girl have been through it all. Home is only with her.

I have tried to fit in here by wearing shorts and sandals when I am out walking the wife and dog. I think the folks can see through my city folk disguise though. It may be the way I talk, I need to learn their lingo.
Here is an example:

RV park folk in their Massachusetts accent , "So guys, where you from?"
Me, "10 miles up the road."
RV park folk, "Oh!"
Me in my Texas drawl, "Yup, our van down by the river burnt so here we are, so where you staying"
RV park folk, "............" as they grab their dog and walk away.
What, am I going to eat their dog or something?  

The progress on the Tiny House is just that, Tiny. We are having to do this paycheck by paycheck so it will take a while. Last weekend we finished the fencing around the place. We also finished moving out of our house and Hannah (the middle girl) moved in the next day. Kylee (the youngest girl) is living there fixing to start college while Jessie (the oldest) is getting ready to start her senior year at Texas A&M. She is staying at a little place in town until then. They come by now and then to see old dad. It's only been a week and it feels like a month. I really miss them. 

Our camper is 340 square feet. Once finished with the tiny house we will be living in 550sf. My dad thinks we are not going to like living in such a small area, but I think living in this camper for four to five months will make that 550 look like a mansion.
What I am needing now is septic tanks. I don't want the regular 500 gallon tanks because it is just me and her. So I am looking for two 150 to 200 gallon tanks I can bury. I thought about 55 gallon plastic drums, but I am afraid we will have to pump them more than we will want to.
My power will be on in a week or two and I have everything for the water. Once all that is installed I will move the trailer over to the land and start the building.

That's all I got for now, I think I want go out and harass me some RV folks. It's entertainment so what the hell?



  1. This would be my jealous comment wherein I public applaud you while silently cursing the fact that you are doing what I want to do.

    1. LOL, DH. I guess you could say I am doing it but as it stands right now we are cramped with neighbors all around us that do not understand the way we lived, past tense.

  2. So.. iI just spent a week of my employers time reading your blog from the beginning. Great job. Good luck on your new road.

    1. Thanks Anony for not only reading from the start but sticking it to the man. LOL

    2. That what we do in Tennessee!

  3. I've been getting rid of junk here left and right. I figure our house wasn't too small when I bought it, I've accumulated too much crap. Being a minimalist isn't a bad thing. Good luck with your evening entertainment!

    1. Thanks J&M. it took me almost a month to de-junk but it's done.

  4. Thoughts from your new neighbors "OMG a Native Texan! I'll bet he has GUNS. I'm out of here!" Giggle---Julia

  5. If it was up to me I would be doing the same thing! My problem is I would spend too much time fishing and gardening...
    I married a city boy who thinks he can't live without cable tv and internet.Just give me a spot back in the hills with plenty of running water and some shade I'll be fine.
    It's time to do what you and your other half need to do.You've raised your family,now its time for you!

    1. That would be the ideal location Donna, believe me.
      This is another reason we started so early in life so we could do this before we got too old.

  6. MDR,

    I give you credit, living in a trailer (small place) takes patience and love at the same time. I couldn't be parked with other RV's parked right up next to me. I would need to be spread out and potentially have a lake view for fishing. You have no privacy when the other trailers are up against you, geez it's bad when the neighbors will know when you sleep, pass gas, or when your outside with the dog.

    My husband and I have been investigation Tiny homes, and this is something we eventually will be doing. Especially when all the kids are out the door. My only advice, take it day by day and before you know it, you and your sweet wife (and the dog) will be in your new tiny home.

    Until then watch out for those Okies in the trailer over on the other side.

    Hugs to you and yours.

    1. It's hard Sandy. Just last night we were cooking out and had all these folks coming by and wondering what we were cooking. It is really strange but it is a good experience before we move back out to the wilds.
      Thanks Sandy, I will keep my eye on them.

  7. I'm still jealous! I soooo want to start our tiny house too!!!

    1. Just do it SFG, If I didn't do it now I don't think I ever would start. Now is the time.

  8. Lots of folks think they want to one day live in their RV's. They have no idea what it actually takes to do it. You sort of learn to watch were the other person is trying to go and scooch over a bit to let them by. You can pretty much forget private time. There is no room for private in an RV, not even in the bathroom. I could go on but I don't want to dissuade anyone from living their dream.
    As for the trailer park, omg we lived in several. The one I hated most was the one where they shoved as many trailers as they could. I was never so glad to move our RV to a smaller park with larger lots.
    I'm sorry, I'm just rambling now. I think that folks who think they want to live in their RV's and maybe do a bit of traveling just might want to do an extended stay in it first.
    LOL @ cooking and the folks all walking by. I'm sure if you asked any of them to dinner they would accept. Then again, maybe not such a good idea. When we were in that tightly packed park Mars made the mistake of inviting a couple of folks to dinner. After that they came by most every night right around dinner time. *sigh*
    Ok I'm done rambling now. If you can make it work in your RV then a Tiny House WOULD feel like a bunch of space.
    Sorry to have rambled.

    1. Thanks for the ramble Sci, I loved it.
      That same thing happen Sunday. I was smoking some pork and had all kinds of people just walk right up in my tiny yard and start talking to me wondering what I was cooking and what time supper was. It was a little strange being I really don't like people but I am having to deal with it, I think it's their way of being friendly and I don't want to give Texas a bad name so I grin and talk to them.
      Thanks for the comment.

  9. We have been living in our RV for just over a year since we sold our house in the city (Greater Houston Area) and it has been TIGHT. We aren't having to stay at an RV park, I think that would drive me crazy. We are living on our acreage so that we could put all the details together this year and get to know the land, throughout the entire year, so we could pick the best build spot. But, RV living is not something that I would want to do full-time, as is done by my in-laws. They sold their home and moved into an RV full time...years and years ago. That would drive me nuts...need a place, without wheels, to call home. Your house will be a great landing spot once it is finished. Hang in there! Make some friends and play some cards or dominoes. Lol.


    1. Thanks for the comment Lana.
      This weekend was a true testament to very small living. With it being too hot to do anything outside we were stuck together with no escape. At least in a house you can go to another room for a few minutes to cool off but in the trailer you are always in each others face.
      When the house is done it will be good.
      Thanks again.