Monday, May 12, 2014

I Like It

I like Mothers day just about as much as all the other holidays because it brings the family together. It was March since I had all my girls together with me. So what if it takes a made up holiday to do it.
Jessie (mid right) is home from college for the summer, when she goes back she will be a senior. Kylee (left) is graduating High School next month and will a free spirit for a while and Hannah (right) will be having little baby Rebecca sometime at the end of this month and starting the long road of being a mommy.
It's funny how all three are bigger than their momma. I guess they they got that from my side.

As for me, I spent last week wheeling and dealing, doing some trading and coming up with our new bug out house. Alright, I can call it that to justify it, but it's really for chili cooking and camping trailer even though it could be used for bugging out if need be. 
Our old pop up camper was just too small now that our family is growing. The pop up was so cozy that you really had to like the folks you were camping with. With grand kids and son-in-laws, we needed more room.
A tent was nice in our 20's, the pop up was great in our 30's so this here should be what we need through our 40's and 50's.
To tell you the truth, when we saw it for the first time I told Candy (the wife, pictured in the middle above) I don't deserve something this nice. I don't feel I have been good enough to have this. I guess it's a mind thing, when you spend your whole life trying to live below your means it's hard to justify it to yourself you deserve something every now and then that shows how hard you work.
That big square in the back of the trailer, it's an outdoor kitchen. That was the selling point for me.
We will be using it for the first time this weekend. We have a chili cookoff in Greenville about 1 1/2 hours East from the house and there is a nice little lake close by we plan to stay at. Of course we will taking a bunch of folks with us so this will be a grate test for our new equipment.

That's all I got for now,
Kicking it High Class Redneck style


  1. Nice photo of all your girls! Congrats on the trailer, looks like a beauty and with the outdoor kitchen, WOW! Should make your life much easier on the chili cook-off road. Yes, we all deserve some nice things from time to time. That includes you..

  2. Nice! And, a great picture of the women in your life.

  3. Sweet good times ahead.Make sure to keep the septic system in top shape what with the chili and beer and all.Hope you have a good time on your first outing!

  4. Real American girls! That is a good size trailer, you should have plenty of room in there, watch those long grades though!

  5. Cute girls! We have 3 daughters, too...always something going on. Of course I've got 2 boys to add to the mix! Your trailer is wonderful. We were a tent family, bunkhouse trailer family, then a popup trailer, now we have a hybrid and the husband thinks we need a 5th wheel with a bunch of slides: 5 kids, spouses and 14 grandkids...I told him they don't make a trailer big enough!!

    1. Thanks Lynda, that is true. When all mind start having kids then they will need to bring their own trailer to sleep in.

  6. Hey Jerry,

    It's nice to see all the girls home with Mom and Dad. Great picture of the girls!!!!

    Congrats on the trailer, you will love it more so than the popup and of course a tent. Good luck cooking this weekend, I hope y'all kick some butt :-)

  7. That is some trailer :) What vehicle do you need to pull it?

    Best wishes to Hannah for Becky's birth :)

  8. Nice "bug-out home"! lol That will come in handy for you guys! I completely understand how our camping needs change as we get older. lol. I mean, bug-out needs. hehehehe

    1. Thanks SFG, I am about ready to bug out for real.

  9. hey buddy - please pass on a very belated Happy Mother's Day to Candy for me...and my goodness you both have beautiful girls! i loooooove that trailer! you have to take us on a tour and show us the inside and the outdoor kitchen! i can't wait to see it!

    your friend,