Thursday, April 3, 2014

Chasing My Tail

At the begging of the winter I do as we all do and winterize everything outside.

Among all the other things I did to get ready for the freezing months, it also includes draining all the irrigation lines and draining the bathhouse. No matter how hard I try, there are still a busted pipe or two when I pressure up the lines again in the spring. Last year I had to replace my solar water pump and fixed two broke lines out in the gardens and one in the chicken pen.  
This years broken pipes are unbelievable. I drained everything, ran my pump dry and blew out all the lines. I thought I was set. I turned on the big rainwater tanks and right off the bat the pipe was busted just outside the valve. Fixed that one, crossed my fingers and turned the pump on. Right outside the pump box another one, fixed that one. At least the pump was still good. Then two more right before the pipe enters the bathhouse, so I fixed fixed those. I ran the pump and watched as water started pouring out of the bathhouse, fixed that one as well. Finally, the pump pressured up and I thought I was in the clear then, "Pop", blew another line, fix that one to.
After all that the bathhouse is up and running again. I took my first shower of the spring in it two nights ago. I sure have missed those showers. It's natural, refreshing and best of all, free.

I have not even pressured up the gardens yet, I am almost afraid to do so. 

This last couple of weeks have been really busy. I have some more stuff to tell ya but I don't want to sit and bore you with too long a post. plus it will give me something to say later.

See ya then,


  1. Ugh! You may want to wait a day & let that ol' fellow Murphy (as in Murphy's law) go somewhere else before you check any of those other lines. Hopefully you used up all your bad luck - you certainly had your share of it!

    1. Thanks Hobo but Murphy stays on my back, bad luck hovers over me while Karma keeps tripping me up. It's like I am in a tag team fight with all three but I have nobody to come in so I can tag out.
      It's just how I live. It could be worse.

  2. How awful, what a pain in the rear! Patience is a virtue I'm yet to acquire.

  3. Every place where the water line froze, is a spot to put a drain valve.
    Or switch to PEX and do your normal draining. Pex may break if frozen solid but draining will reduce the breakage to a minimum.

  4. Argggggggggggh! What a bummer. Can almost hear your frustration over here...