Friday, March 21, 2014

18 At Last

Tomorrow is my youngest girl Kylee's 18th birthday party.

This has been in the works for 18 years, to have the last one of our daughters become an adult. Candy and I are done raising kids.
That does not mean we are done being parents, it just means we have raised three great daughters the best we could and now it is up the them with little guidance from us. We are now in the advisory role you might say.

Kylee and I bonded early in life. She was my baby girl and always followed me around doing whatever I did. Her and her momma hardly saw eye to eye because Kylee knew all she had to do was bat her eyes at me and I would melt. I tried to always have Candy's back like a good husband and stand behind her decisions, but Kylee knew in the end I would have hers as well so she played it like that. I guess after being such a hard ass with the other two girls I wanted to try and be the good parent with this one. 
The thing about Kylee is, she can always make your bad day into a good one. She is someone who you want to be around because she is always trying to make you laugh and when she sees you need it, she will force you to hug her. There are days I don't want to be in a good mood, but she makes me. She is the sunshine in any room she goes into.

I have really enjoyed watching her grow up over the years even though it happen way too fast. It always does. It has been such a blessing to be her daddy, that part will never change. I only hope that one day when I am long gone she will be able to reach back in her memory and think of me and smile.

I love you Kylee and happy birthday. 


  1. Happy Birthday Young Lady.


  3. MDR,

    What a gorgeous daughter!!!!
    Happy 18th Birthday Kylee!!!!

  4. What a great Post.. Nothing like sharing your love. Happy Birthday Kylee. Hope it was Awesome for you and your Dad..

  5. Happy Birthday to Kylee!!!! Good job mom and dad she's a beautiful young woman!

  6. oh MDR - you are such a good Dad to those girls! you and C did a mighty fine job raising them. tell Kylee a belated Happy Birthday from me!

    your friend,

    1. Thank you Kymber and Kylee said thank you as well.