Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's Not On The List

Just like many of you, I am a list maker.
I know I have posted about my obsession before, but this is different.

I am sure you agree that your project list is a never ending and always growing list. Once one project is complete three more are added. It's job security as well as very frustrating.
With my OCD, I continually check my lists and see what projects can be started next. The order of importance on that list changes about as much as it's content.
The list is important because if a project is not on there, it has not had the chance to be thought through enough. If you are a long time reader of MDR then you know I think through every detail in my head, building and deconstructing it over and over again before pencil ever hits the paper. By looking at the list I can see the finished product of each project, in the it's location and it's functionality. Then in my head I tear it apart piece by piece until it's gone. I make notes the whole time I do this. this way when construction starts it is smooth and every problem has already been thought out.
Sometimes a item will sit on the list for a long time until every detail is worked out. Then one day when I have it, I start it. You may think this is weird but it works for me.

I know that was a long introduction but I needed to say all that to say this,
The wife came to me the other day and said she wanted a Aviary.
"But it's not on the list" I told her.
"Then put it on the list!" she said back without even looking over her shoulder.
 "I am not putting that on the list and that's that!" I mumbled back where she couldn't hear, putting my foot down on this idea.
Maybe she is not aware of the process of placing something on the list.

So anyway, this is the design of the walk in Aviary that is now on the top of the list.
Construction should start this weekend.            


  1. LOL!!! Your a good husband!
    What kind of birds are you going to have in there?

    1. Sometimes Kelly,
      We are getting white dove and fan tailed pigeons

  2. Nice, can't wait to see the finished product.

    1. Izzy, We had a real big one back on the farm and loved it. I miss messing with the birds.

  3. Is it a Texan thing? The Lists?

    Bob thinks like you do...it's on the list...think it through....meditate on it, get it right, do troubleshooting before it's even built...then get it done. He's a "planner" type person.

    I make lists too. On a white board. I make a list and get it done. Then as I'm building it or see a problem, I deal with it as it comes along. I think I'm an "idea" kind of person.

    I think you have a fine idea wife there...please put her ideas at the top of your list. Listen carefully and get it done.

    By the way, quail tastes better than squab.

    1. Queen, I guess so, but I have always been like this.
      The big one we had at the old farm was large enough where I had quail in the bottom. Plus we raised several thousand bobwhite a year. I have never ate squab nor have any want to.

  4. I make lists, but my husband tells me he is on the 5 year plan. No kidding. Things I put on the list even before we married, took 5 years (and he even had 2 years warning they were going on the list...) If I only new today, what needs to be on the list 5 years from now, I'd have it made.....But, in his defense, some weeks he works 70 hours, plus he is a volunteer fire fighter....so, often it is just a lack of time. And, who wants to spend vacation doing "the list"....

    1. April, Thanks for the great comment.
      I started this with a five year plan but only after a year had to push it to a seven year. As it is now I am about two years behind. LOL
      I used to let the list stress me out but not anymore, I do what I can do and the rest gets filed back on it.
      Thanks again.