Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sunday At The Stove

I told you at the beginning of the week I wanted to break down the events of last weekend so I would have something to write about.
 Being I work till dark everyday and can't get much done in the evenings besides shower, shave and eat, I have been lacking on posts. I think I made up for it this week though.

After all the little things I did on Saturday like the Bio Sand Filter and the Sawdust Log Press plus some other odds and ends, I found myself without much to do on Sunday.
The first thing I did was install a men's urinal in my shop.
Yes, that is a funnel going out the wall held on by bailing wire. 

Next, my mom calls me and tells me the local grocery has potatoes on sell for 19 cents a pound. Being I did not have that great of a potato harvest this year I jumped on the chance to put some up. So I ran up to the store and got 55 pounds of taters.

I began by pealing every one of them by hand. Great for the compost bins, hard on the hands.

 Okay, I picked up this 1960s slicer at a garage sell for a buck. Now, I am around heavy equipment all day that can kill you and in my shop I operate all kinds of saws that can dismember and hurt you. This little thing right here is the most dangerous thing I have ever operated. All I could think of is my fingers being taken off a quarter inch at a time.

Enough of all that so I went and grabbed my meat slicer and went to town on those potatoes.

After blanching the slices and soaking them in lemon water for a few minutes I put them on the dehydrator. 

The finished product is several jars nicely filled with a serving of potatoes I can use in all kinds of dishes. 
I think the shelf life for these is four years.

I also shredded some and vacuum sealed them up for hash browns.

No, that wasn't all the taters, I dehydrated twenty pounds, kept ten pounds to eat, made ten pounds of potato salad, and shredded fifteen pounds for hash browns.
I can tell you this, my feet were tired when it was all done.

That's all I got done on Sunday and it's all I got for now.  


  1. I never thought of shredding them and putting them in the frig for hashbrowns. Will have to do that now that I have a little space in the freezer. Maybe with some onion added.

    1. Becky, I blanched them first and then soaked them in lemon juice and then drained. I used the food processor with that little plate that shreds them. It was much easier than by hand.

  2. Sounds like a good Sunday to me! Wow .19 a pound! Would love to find a deal like that, I would take a day off work to process. Sounds like a good excuse to me.

    1. Yup DFW, it was too hard to pass up so I had to just bite the bullet and get it done.

  3. Man, I didnt know all the ways to store potatoes!!! I got a 10# bag the other day for a dollar, next time I'll get a few bags and store them. Thanks for the info!!!

  4. That was a good deal Kelly. Yup, there is even more ways than this, like food milling them down and then dehydrating to make potato buds. These are the way I put mine up if I have an over abundant harvest but this year it was not so good. I am glad I got these. Now I am not so worried about this winter.