Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Double Howdy

I wanted to take a minute to welcome and give a Howdy to the two newest members of Modern Day Redneck.
Randy Simpson and William Kopp, thank you for choosing to read MDR. Please feel free to join in and comment where ever you like, I will always respond.
You can also reach me by my email I have in the right hand sidebar of the blog.

Due to time restraints my blogging has slowed a little to about twice a week rather than once a day. As soon as it calms down I will back at it again on a more regular basis.

Thank you and again welcome.  


  1. Not related to this post, however, did you do OK after the storms in TX yesterday? Worried about you and your family - Izzy

  2. Thanks Izzy, yes we are fine. It was rough for a while and the wife had to bug out but we made it through.